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Phillies Three Game Packs

Thank you for your interest. Please note that Three Game Packs are no longer on sale.

Season Ticket Plans

Starting with as little as 13 games, Phillies full and partial season ticket plans offer fans a wide range of excellent benefits including a price savings versus individual tickets, the same great seat location for each game on your plan as well as access to exclusive Phillies events.

Important Notes

  • Three Game Packs are not considered a season ticket package and do not include any season ticket benefits. No refunds or exchanges on Six or Three Game Pack tickets.
  • Fireworks Games (June 26 & June 29): All outfield seating locations from foul pole to foul pole will be moved for viewing the fireworks show. The following areas will be moved-101-107, 140-148, 201-205, 241-245 and 301-305. Other areas and seating locations may need to move as well based on sight lines and weather conditions.
  • See each Three Game Pack for a list of available games.
  • As a Three Game Pack buyer, you may receive emails from with details regarding additional sale opportunities.

Please note: There is a six (6) ticket per game limit for each Three Game Pack. Stated ticket limits are per person, group or entity. The Phillies reserve the right to cancel any individual ticket order in its discretion, without notification.  All cancelled orders will be refunded in full. If it is determined in the sole discretion of The Phillies that any individual or entity is re-selling the majority of the tickets purchased on the secondary market, the ticket purchaser may be classified as a Ticket Broker. Ticket Brokers may not be eligible for certain pricing and seat locations. The Phillies, in its sole discretion, may, but, is not obligated, to cancel and refund any ticket purchase made by anyone determined to be a Ticket Broker.