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Phillies Student Steal

The Phillies are offering a Student Steal - a $20 ticket, plus the first jawn on us! That's right - Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries, Bull's BBQ, Tony Luke's, hot dog & soda, basically anything you can eat or drink in Ashburn Alley - is included with your ticket (up to $13).

Simply present your ticket at any Ashburn Alley concession stand for redemption. Jawn must be consumed on the game date stated on the ticket.

Games offered and quantities based on availability

Additional Details

Please note: Cannot be combined with other offers. Previous purchases, Group tickets and Power Tickets excluded. There is an eight (8) ticket limit for each game and all games are subject to availability. Stated ticket limits are per person, group or entity. The Phillies determine all games and seating areas available for this offer. If you purchase more than the stated limits for any game, your ticket orders will be voided without notification from the Phillies and refunded in full.