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Red Sox Destinations: FAQs

When will I receive my itinerary package with my game tickets and my Special Guest credentials?

A personalized itinerary will be emailed to you no later than one (1) week prior to your trip. The itinerary will include confirmation numbers, timing for the scheduled events and other important information for the trip.

If you are staying at one of the designated Red Sox Destinations hotels, you will receive your game tickets and Special Guest credentials at the hotel upon check-in. If you choose not to stay at one of the Red Sox Destinations designated hotels, you will receive your game tickets and credentials via FedEx one (1) week prior to your trip departure unless otherwise discussed with a Red Sox Destinations representative. Your confirmation email will confirm if your game tickets and Special Guest credentials were mailed or need to be picked up in person at Fenway Park the Friday of the trip.

If you live international, a Red Sox Destinations representative will coordinate with you on how best to receive game tickets and credentials. We do not ship international. We do not accept P.O. Boxes as shipping address, please provide a valid address during your registration that will accept FedEx packages.

What is in my gift bag? When can I expect to receive it?

Your gift bag will be a premium drawstring leather baseball bag. Included within the bag will be a Red Sox hat, an MLB Game Ball with a ball holder, and other Red Sox gift items. You can retrieve your gift bag upon check-in at your selected hotel. If you choose to take part in Red Sox Destinations without hotel accommodations, we will have your gift bag waiting upon arrival at the player reception.

Where are the seats located?

Red Sox Destinations always looks to secure great group seat locations. Generally, we aim for tickets that have a face value between $70 and $100. We work diligently with each team's ticket office to negotiate the best possible group ticket location that can accommodate our entire group.

What if a member in my group needs accessible seating?

If a member in your party requires handicap/ADA Accessible seating, please make note in your registration under the "special requests" tab and a member of our staff will reach out to you to discuss or feel free to give us a call at (617)226-6400!

What is the Green Monster/On-Field Batting Practice upgrade?

The Green Monster/On-Field Batting Practice upgrade is available for select Red Sox Destinations games at Fenway Park. In addition to your Coca-Cola Pavilion game ticket, you will receive a Green Monster Standing Room ticket. This will give you access to the Green Monster during the game and during batting practice in addition to your seat in the Coca-Cola Pavilion. You will also have the special opportunity to watch the Red Sox take batting practice from the warning track (weather permitting and based on team personnel. It may be cancelled at any time). Capacity is limited to just 25 people for each game that the upgrade is made available.

If I would like to extend my stay, should I do so through Red Sox Destinations or should I call the hotel directly?

All hotel extensions should be made with Red Sox Destinations via telephone at 617.226.6400 to ensure that you receive our special discounted rate. Please book all extensions to your stay no later than 3 weeks prior to your check-in date in order to ensure availability. All extended reservations are made based on availability at the hotel.

What is your rain-out policy?

While a rain out is not a common occurrence during the season, it is always a possibility. In the event a rain out does occur, there are a few options:

  • Your ticket is always good for the rescheduled game (which in many cases is played during the dates of the scheduled trip as a double header). Tickets are non-refundable if there is a rainout.
  • In the event the game is not played during the dates of the scheduled trip and you are unable to attend the rescheduled game, the ticket is yours to do what you wish with (give to friends, family, etc.)
  • All other events will take place as planned except the tour will not include a visit inside the Green Monster as that is weather permitting.

Which player will attend the VIP Reception?

Each VIP Reception will include a chance to get an autograph and photo with one current Red Sox Player as well as participate in a Q&A. Due to the busy and often unpredictable schedules of our players, we are generally not able to determine who the player will be until the week of the reception. The word "current" player refers to any player on the 40-man roster. As soon as we finalize who will be appearing at your VIP Reception, we will send an e-mail out to inform you. If you are a returning customer we can't guarantee that you will not meet the same player as before.

What is your cancellation policy?

All Trip bookings are final and cannot be changed, refunded, exchanged, cancelled, or transferred to another party. FSM regrets that it cannot make any exceptions to the cancellation policy for illness, personal emergencies or any other circumstances. We strongly encourage the purchase of travel insurance. For more information on purchasing travel insurance, please visit

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

What items can be brought into Fenway Park?

Please follow the link below to be directed to the prohibited items page.

Fenway Park Prohibited Items »