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Group Tickets

Non-profit Organizations

The Non-Profit Consignment Program is a great fundraising opportunity. Amenities for a non-profit organization start at only 300 tickets!

Amenities Include:

  • Tickets at a discounted price
  • If a non-profit uses the consignment program for a fundraiser they can sell the tickets for up to the face value of the Cardinals ticket price
  • Pre-game field visit with photo for (4) guests by team photographer
  • In-game scoreboard recognition
  • By selling only 500 tickets additional amenities include:
  • Pre-game on-field ceremony for 6 members of your organization. A great opportunity to recognize those who work hard for your organization.
  • Pre-game on-field honorary pitch for one of the members in your organization. Many non-profits organizations use this as an additional fundraiser by auctioning off this once in a lifetime experience.