2020 Rule 5 Draft results, pick by pick

December 10th, 2020

With a lack of a 2020 Minor League season, or even an Arizona Fall League, the general feeling ahead of Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft was the annual event that typically ends with the Winter Meetings would be relatively quiet.

Turns out, that feeling was wrong.

A total of 18 players were taken in the Major League phase, tying the 2016 and ‘17 Drafts for the most selections since 19 were taken back in 2010. The Minor League phase was extremely active, with 56 players taken. The total of 74 players selected was the most since 79 picks were made in the 2004 Rule 5 Draft. A total of 15 of the 18 players taken in the Major League phase were right-handed pitchers, while two outfielders and a shortstop were also selected.

The Dodgers were raided the most, losing eight players total between the phases. That included two right-handed arms in the Major League phase, , who went No. 2 overall to the Rangers, and , the No. 7 pick, taken by the Rockies. The Rays and Yankees each lost seven players.

The Pirates started things off by taking right-handed pitcher from the Angels with the No. 1 pick. Soriano was Los Angeles’ No. 13 prospect, and he's coming off 2019 Tommy John surgery. Pittsburgh added another interesting arm when it acquired Indians No. 25 prospect , who had been drafted No. 9 by the Mets, for cash considerations.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” Pirates general manager Ben Cherington said. “We thought it made sense for us to be active but didn’t know how other teams would take it. There is meaningful information available, even from this year. With the alternate sites, instructs and winter ball, I bet most players that were taken, there was some information from one of those places.”

Clubs pay $100,000 to select a player in the Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft. If that player doesn't stay on the MLB roster for the full season, he must be offered back to his former team for $50,000. It costs $24,000 to make a selection in the Minor League phase, and the players taken in that portion aren't subject to any roster restrictions with their new organizations.

International players or high school Draft picks signed in 2016, assuming they were 18 or younger as of June 5 that year, as well as college players taken in the 2017 Draft, were eligible to be selected.

A total of eight prospects who were on their team Top 30s were selected in the Major League phase, with outfielder , taken No. 3 by the Tigers, tying Soriano as the highest-ranked prospect taken. He was No. 13 on the Twins’ list at the time of the Draft. Below are the complete results from the 2020 Rule 5 Draft.

Major League Phase

Round 1

1) Pirates: Jose Soriano, RHP (Angels No. 13)
2) Rangers: Brett de Geus, RHP (Dodgers No. 27)
3) Tigers: Akil Baddoo, OF (Twins No. 13)
4) Red Sox: Garrett Whitlock, RHP (Yankees)
5) Orioles: Mac Sceroler, RHP (Reds)
6) D-backs: Zach Pop, RHP (Orioles)
7) Rockies: Jordan Sheffield, RHP (Dodgers)
8) Angels: Jose Rivera, RHP (Astros No. 14)
9) Mets: Luis Oviedo, RHP (Indians No. 25)
10) Mariners: Will Vest, RHP (Tigers)
11) Phillies: Kyle Holder, SS (Yankees)
12) Giants: Dedniel Nunez, RHP (Mets No. 18)
13) Marlins: Paul Campbell, RHP (Rays No. 24)
14) Cubs: Gray Fenter, RHP (Orioles)
15) Indians: Trevor Stephan, RHP (Yankees No. 24)
16) A's: Ka'ai Tom, CF (Indians)

Round 2

17) Orioles: Tyler Wells, RHP (Twins)
18) A's: Dany Jimenez, RHP (Blue Jays)

Triple-A Phase

Round 1

1) Pirates: Shea Spitzbarth, RHP (Dodgers)
2) Rangers: Matthew Wivinis, RHP (Yankees)
3) Tigers: Yunior Perez, RHP (Cubs)
4) Red Sox: Tyreque Reed, 1B (Rangers)
5) Orioles: Rickey Ramirez, RHP (Twins)
6) D-backs: Tyler Gilbert, LHP (Dodgers)
7) Angels: Brendon Davis, SS (Rangers)
8) Mets: Andrew Ferguson, CF (Astros)
9) Mariners: Amador Arias, 2B (Rays)
10) Giants: Vince Fernandez, OF (Rockies)
11) Astros: Joe Record, RHP (Twins)
12) Marlins: Jake Fishman, LHP (Blue Jays)
13) Reds: Errol Robinson, SS (Dodgers)
14) Cardinals: Garrett Williams, LHP (Angels)
15) Blue Jays: Sebastian Espino, SS (Mets)
16) Yankees: Matt Krook, LHP (Rays)
17) Cubs: Nicholas Padilla, RHP (Rays)
18) White Sox: Martin Carrasco, RHP (Padres)
19) Indians: Chris Roller, CF (Dodgers)
20) Braves: A.J. Puckett, RHP (White Sox)
21) A's: Zach Jackson, RHP (Blue Jays)
22) Twins: Jhonleider Salinas, RHP (Rays)
23) Padres: Yorman Rodriguez, C (Blue Jays)
24) Rays: Jordan Brink, RHP (Cardinals)
25) Dodgers: Ryan January, C (D-backs)

Round 2

26) Pirates: Claudio Finol, SS (Reds)
27) Rangers: Yohel Pozo, C (Padres)
28) Red Sox: Kaleb Ort, RHP (Yankees)
29) Orioles: Christopher Hudgins, C (Royals)
30) Angels: Gustavo Campero, C (Yankees)
31) Mets: Justin Dillon, RHP (Blue Jays)
32) Giants: Ronnie Williams, RHP (Cardinals)
33) Astros: Seth Martinez, RHP (A's)
34) Marlins: Dylan Bice, RHP (Rangers)
35) Reds: Wilfred Astudillo, C (Mets)
36) Yankees: Reggie McClain, RHP (Phillies)
37) Cubs: Samuel Reyes, RHP (Pirates)
38) Braves: Jalen Miller, 2B (Giants)
39) A's: Brett Graves, RHP (Marlins)
40) Twins: Josh Mitchell, LHP (Royals)
41) Padres: Ben Ruta, LF (Yankees)
42) Rays: Ezequiel Zabaleta, RHP (Mets)
43) Dodgers: Roimer Bolivar, RHP (Rays)

Round 3

44) Pirates: Jeffrey Passantino, RHP (Cubs)
45) Rangers: Justin Marsden, RHP (Rays)
46) Orioles: Ignacio Feliz, RHP (Padres)
47) Mets: Drew Jackson, 2B (Dodgers)
48) Giants: Mitchell Tolman, 2B (Mets)
49) Marlins: Marcus Chiu, 2B (Dodgers)
50) Reds: Chuckie Robinson, C (Astros)
51) Braves: Jacob Pearson, OF (Twins)

Round 4

52) Mets: Jesus Reyes, RHP (Reds)
53) Reds: Yoel Yanqui, 1B (D-backs)

Round 5

54) Mets: Jose Zorrilla, LHP (Reds)
55) Reds: Wes Robertson, RHP (Rangers)

Round 6

56) Reds: Steven Leyton, SS (D-backs)