Orioles Vault: Jones' Opening Day walk-off

June 20th, 2021

MLB.com is digging back into its massive video vault to uncover classic plays that you have loved, forgotten about or, perhaps, are discovering for the very first time. Watch these moments and many, many more on the MLB Vault YouTube page.

March 29, 2018: A jolt from Jonesy
The 2018 season was the worst in Orioles history in terms of wins and losses -- but it sure started with a bang. Nothing beats Opening Day joy, even in the leanest of years. The truth is, the teardown that would come months later was something nobody saw coming when the O’s opened the '18 campaign intent on making one last run at contention with their aging core. Even fewer saw it coming when Adam Jones walked off against Fernando Rodney, giving Baltimore a thrilling 3-2 Opening Day win over the Twins. It was the third consecutive Opening Day the O’s won in walk-off fashion, and second straight via a home run.

April 6, 1992: Davis gets first Orioles hit at Camden Yards
Happy birthday, Camden Yards. Glenn Davis singled off Cleveland's Charles Nagy in the bottom of the second to record the first Orioles base hit in Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The park was revolutionary when it opened in 1992 and remains a destination to this day.

Sept. 20, 2016: Trey Mancini homers in MLB debut
A sign of things to come: Mancini homered in his second career at-bat while his mother, Beth, went wild in the stands. Mancini would hit three homers in his first five big league games, and placed third in AL Rookie of the Year voting the following season.

Sept. 5, 1989: Ripken gets robbed, homers anyway
Does a home run count if it's over the fence but in a glove? Cal Ripken Jr. found out -- yes, it does -- in this classic clip, where he is robbed by Indians center fielder Brad Komminsk before Komminsk disappears beyond the center-field wall at old Memorial Stadium. It was a break in a season full of them for the '89 "Why Not?" Orioles, one of the most celebrated teams in club history.

Aug. 14, 1998: Grand slammin' with Chris Hoiles
Hoiles hit eight career slams (and compiled 75 RBIs) in just 77 career plate appearances with the bags full, including two in Baltimore’s 15-3 win over the Indians. By homering off Charles Nagy in the third and Ron Villone in the eighth, Hoiles became one of 13 big leaguers to sock two slams in the same game. Three -- Hoiles, Frank Robinson and Jim Gentile -- were Orioles.

March 31, 1998: The Snow-opener
The longest home opener by inning in Camden Yards history was also the wackiest: a 13-inning, weather-delayed 6-5 victory over the Indians that required layers to witness and featured Jay Gibbons famously losing a fly ball in the snow. Sometimes, just because Spring Training is over, that doesn’t mean spring has sprung. It wasn’t until Gary Matthews Jr.’s walk-off single in the 13th that everyone could head inside and warm up.

April 3, 1989: Why not? Magic begins
Pegged to finish last in the AL East, the Orioles shocked the world in 1989 by nearly reaching the playoffs with a team nobody expected to win. This was the start of that magical summer, a 5-4 extra-inning win over Roger Clemens and the Red Sox on Opening Day.