Baltimore Orioles Front Office

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Vice President and General Manager: Mike Elias

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer: Greg Bader

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs: Kerry Watson

Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer: T.J. Brightman

Senior Vice President, Community Development & Communications: Jennifer Grondahl

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer: Michael D. Hoppes, CPA

Senior Vice President, Chief Content Officer: Cal Perry

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer: Lisa Tolson PHR, SHRM-CP

Senior Vice President, Operations and Guest Experience: Troy Scott

Executive Assistant to the Executive Leadership Team: Joyanne Smith

Executive Assistant to the Senior Leadership Team: Jen Steier

Administrative Assistant to Senior Leadership Team: Annie Shipley

Special Advisors and Community Ambassadors

Special Advisor and Community Ambassador: Eddie Murray

Community Ambassador: Brian Roberts

Community Ambassador: Boog Powell

Community Ambassador: Rick Dempsey

Baseball Operations

Executive Vice President and General Manager: Mike Elias

Vice President and Assistant General Manager: Sig Mejdal

Assistant General Manager: Eve Rosenbaum

Baseball Analytics

Director, Baseball Systems: Di Zou

Director, Baseball Strategy: Brendan Fournie

Senior Software Engineer: Peter Ash

Senior Software Engineer: Jim Daniels

Senior Software Engineer: Glenn Dierkes

Senior Data Scientist, Pro Player Evaluation: Ryan Hardin

Senior Data Scientist, Draft Evaluation: Michael Weis

Senior Data Scientist: Daniel Martin

Data Scientist: James Hull

Developer, Special Projects: Ryan Hallahan

Junior Software Engineer: Gannon Traynor

Junior Software Engineer: Chris Emm

Junior Data Scientist: John Asel

Junior Data Scientist: Nathan Schor

Junior Data Scientist: Julia Wapner

Advance Scouting and Baseball Strategy

Director, Baseball Strategy: Brendan Fournie

Manager, Major League Strategy: Bill Wilkes

Manager, Major League Video / Run Creation Strategist: Ben Sussman-Hyde

Analyst, Advance Scouting: Sam Berk

Advance Scouting Fellow: Matt Carr

Player Development

Vice President, Player Development and Domestic Scouting: Matt Blood

Director, Player Development: Anthony Villa

Director, Pitching: Chris Holt

Manager, PD Technology and Initiatives: Joe Botelho

Manager, Player Development Complexes: Jackson McDonnell

Minor League Field Coordinator: Jeff Kunkel

Complex Coordinator of Instruction: Matt Packer

Latin America Coordinator of Instruction: Samuel Vega

Upper Level Pitching Coordinator/AAA Pitching Coach: Justin Ramsey

Lower Level Pitching Coordinator: Forrest Herrmann

Assistant Pitching Coordinator: Adam Schuck

Complex Pitching & Rehab Coordinator: Dave Schmidt

Latin America Pitching Coordinator: Anderson Tavarez

Upper Level Hitting Coordinator: Sherman Johnson

Lower Level Hitting Coordinator: Brink Ambler

Infield Coordinator/FCL Fundamentals Coach: Tim DeJohn

PD Analyst, Hitting: Dave Barry

Director, Minor League Operations: Kent Qualls

Minor League Equipment Manager: Jake Parker

Coordinator, Minor League Operations: Ramón Alarcón

Coordinator, Intercultural Education: Anaima Garcia

English Teacher: Victoria Perez

English Teacher: Elena Perez

International Operations

Vice President, International Scouting and Operations: Koby Perez

DR Academy Manager: Rancel Jose Rosado

DR Facilities Superintendent: Elvis Fernandez

DR Equipment Manager: Jose Frias


Vice President, International Scouting and Operations: Koby Perez

Vice President, Player Development and Domestic Scouting: Matt Blood

Senior Director, Pro Scouting: Mike Snyder

Director, Latin American Scouting: Gerardo Cabrera

Senior Manager, International Operations and Baseball Administration: Maria Arellano

Special Assignment Scout: Will Robertson

Manager, Pro Scouting: Kevin Carter

Manager, Domestic Scouting Analysis: Hendrik Herz

Manager, Domestic Scouting: Chad Tatum

Senior Analyst, Domestic Scouting: Alex Tarandek

Analyst, Pro Scouting: Ben MacLean

Analyst, Pro Scouting: Kumar Nambiar

Analyst, Pro Scouting: Ben Reed

Analyst, Domestic Scouting: Chad Minato

Scouting Analyst Consultant: Luke Siler

Domestic Scouting Fellow: Erika Littlefield

Domestic Scouting and PD Fellow: L.A. Woodard

MLB Diversity Fellow, Pro Scouting: Samuel Kim

United States

Scout (Huntington Beach, CA): Rich Amaral

Scout (Elk Grove, CA): David Blume

Scout (Harrisburg, NC): Quincy Boyd

Scout (Chicago, IL): Ryan Carlson

Scout (Louisville, KY): Trent Friedrich

Scout (Sanger, TX): Ken Guthrie

Scout (Houston, TX): Noel Gonzales

Scout (Spanish Fort, AL): David Jennings

Scout (Arnold, MD): Donovan O'Dowd

Scout (Marlow, OK): Jim Richardson

Scout (Acworth, GA): Eric Robinson

Scout (Scottsdale, AZ): Logan Schuemann

Scout (Stuart, FL): Brandon Verley

Scout (Manhattan Beach, CA): Scott Walter

Pro Scouting Consultant (Ft. Myers, FL): Joe Drake

Pro Scouting Consultant (Phoenix, AZ): John Pierson

Pro Scouting Consultant (Phoenix, AZ): Jake Tillinghast

Puerto Rico

Scouting Consultant: Anibal Zayas

Dominican Republic

Scout (Santo Domingo): Michael Cruz

Scout (Santo Domingo): Rafael Belén

Scout (San Pedro de Macorís): Luis Noel

Scout (Santiago): Francisco Rosario

Scouting Assistant, Dominican Republic: Riliani Familia


Scout (Valencia): Oscar Alvarado

Scout (Caracas): Christian Casanova

Scout (Maracaibo): Yfrain Linares

Scout (Barquisimeto): Victor Prato

Administrative Consultant (Caracas): Scarlett Blanco

Medical, Athletic Training, and Sports Performance

Head Team Physician: Dr. Sean Curtin

Head Team Orthopedist: Dr. Christopher Looze

Senior Consulting Orthopedist: Dr. Michael Jacobs

Orthopedist: Dr. Leigh Ann Curl

Orthopedist: Dr. Derek Papp

Orthopedist: Dr. Dave Cohen

Primary Care: Dr. Kelly Ryan

Primary Care: Dr. Jeff Mayer

Primary Care: Dr. Matt Sedgley

Primary Care: Dr. Lou Kovacs

Cardiologist: Dr. Ankit Shah

Dentist: Dr. Gus Livaditis

Optometrist: Dr. Elliott Myrowitz

Head Athletic Trainer: Brian Ebel

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Mark Shires

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Pat Wesley

Assistant to Head Athletic Trainer: Chris Poole

Major League Physical Therapist: Kyle Corrick

Major League Massage Therapist: Aquiles Torrealba

Minor League Medical Coordinator: Scott Stansbury

Assistant Minor League Medical Coordinator: Matt Hunter

International Medical Coordinator: AJ Cano

Minor League Physical Therapist: Byron Campbell

Minor League Physical Therapist: Rolando Rodriguez

Head of Strength and Performance: Nick White

MLB Strength Coach: Trey Wiedman

MLB Strength Coach: Carlos Gonzalez

Minor League Strength Coordinator: Will Alli

Complex S&C Coordinator: Julio Diaz-Berrios

Biomechanist: Joey Mylott

Rehab Strength Coach: Brandon Farish

Sports Performance Analyst: Rogelio Realzola

Mental Skills Coach: Diamyn Hall

Human Performance Coach: Alejandro Macario

Major League Operations

Strategist, Baseball Operations: Devan Fink

Home Clubhouse and Equipment Manager: Fred Tyler

Visiting Clubhouse Manager: Andrew Guinart

Manager, Team Travel: Charles Escalante

Umpire Room Manager: James Tyler

Assistant Equipment Manager: Irving "Bunny" German

Assistant Equipment Manager: Patrick Thomas

Clubhouse Kitchens Manager: Jeff Schultz

Business Operations

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer: Greg Bader

Human Resources

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer: Lisa Tolson, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director, Human Resources: Wendy Morrison, PHR, SHRM-CP

Manager, Talent Acquisition: Kyla Lewis

Coordinator, Human Resources: Ayana Phillips

Human Resources Assistant: Carmelo Torres

Risk Management

Manager, Risk Management: Christina Childs

Marketing & Product Development

Vice President, Marketing & Product Development: Jason Snapkoski

Director, Marketing & Advertising: Terrance Young

Director, Fan Engagement: Nick Jones

Senior Manager, Product Development: Sara Biancosino

Manager, Digital Experience: Kara Wagner

Manager, Brand Activations: Micki Quartucci

Coordinator, Marketing Research & Performance: Benita Lukose

Coordinator, Email Marketing: AJ Cloutier

Coordinator, Marketing Operations: Zoey Wright

Coordinator, Mascot: Lyle McCollum

Coordinator, Product Development: Sydney Dzenutis

Coordinator, Website & Ballpark App: Ryan Grill

Chief Hydration Officer: Mr. Splash

Strategy & Analytics

Senior Director, Business Strategy: Mike Dudek

Data Engineer, Business Analytics: Cameron Summers

Analyst, Business Analytics: Andrew Gillingham

CRM Analyst: Ryan Hallstrom

Operations & Guest Experience

Senior Vice President, Operations and Guest Experience: Troy Scott

Ballpark Operations & Security

Senior Director, Ballpark Operations & Security: Kevin Cummings

Director, Guest Experience: Kristen Schultz

Senior Manager, Team Security & Travel: Tim Franz

Senior Manager, Operations: Jack Webb

Manager, Mailroom and Office Services: Dmitri Carter

Manager, Event Operations: Ben Ginsberg

Assistant Manager, Mailroom and Office Services: Scott Belton

Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: Jessie Praley

Coordinator, Event Operations: Kira Sebastianelli

Ballpark Operations Assistant: Jacob Huber

Authentics Associate: Noah Beyer

Authentics Associate: Xander Tralins

Authentics Associate: Willis Deitemyer

Field Operations

Senior Director, Field Operations: Nicole Sherry

Assistant Director, Field Operations: Andrew Lawing

Assistant Manager, Field Operations: Clint Belau

Florida Operations

Senior Director, Florida Operations: Trevor Markham

Senior Manager, Florida Operations: Linda T. Jones

Senior Manager, Ticket and Sales Operations: Scott Moudry

Senior Manager, Grounds & Field Operations: Drew Wolcott

Manager, Facility Operations: Dane Bragg

Coordinator, Baseball Facilities: Joe DiPuma

Facility Maintenance Technician: John McKee

Facility Maintenance Technician: David Scarfone

Assistant Head Groundskeeper: Robert Albritton

Assistant Head Groundskeeper: Clay Plier

Groundskeeper: Michael Giovingo

Groundskeeper: Ethan Hartley

Groundskeeper: Michael Koerber

Groundskeeper: Sean Parmelee

Groundskeeper: Timothy Proud

Groundskeeper: Jason Smith

Groundskeeper: Jonathan Youngworth


Director, Hospitality: Tom Orszulak

Coordinator, Authentics and Hospitality: Brendan Smith

Information Technology

Director, Information Systems: Chad Harvey

Senior Manager, Business Applications: Sharon Daniels

Manager, AV & Technology: Mike Stashik

Manager, Service Operations: Tyrell Jones

Network Administrator: Morgan Harvey

IT Support Technician (Florida): Zachary Treadway

Ticket Operations & Guest Services

Senior Director, Ticket Operations and Guest Services: Scott Rosier

Senior Manager, Systems Inventory and Reporting: Steve Kowalski

Senior Manager, Box Office: Eric Wickenheiser

Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Michael Ford

Senior Coordinator, Box Office: Ryan D. Fox

Senior Coordinator, Processing: Chrissie Werzinsky

Coordinator, Guest Services: Bridget Gallina

Main Receptionist: Debbie Cole

Supervisor, Guest Services: Cole Darley

Supervisor, Guest Services: Alison Lee

Guest Services Representative: Caleb Benkwitt, Yavor Gray, Jake Harris, Aiden Murphy, Amy Robertson, Elizabeth Scully, John Weber

Senior Staff: Karen Baer, Jim Carnaggio, Eric Feinblatt, Tish Garrett, Watina Green, Michael Heid, Thom Hitzelberger, Terry Ross, Susan Rowell, Salome Sampson, Patricia Thomas, David Tumminello, John Volpe


Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer: T.J. Brightman

Corporate Partnerships

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships: Anthony Verni

Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Sales: Ray Naimoli

Director, Partnership Operations: Cory Daniele

Director, Partnership Activation: Haley Kolff

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Chad Bolen

Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Ryan Kreissig

Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Andrew Ferrier

Manager, Corporate Partnerships: Caitlin Sokolowski

Coordinator, Partnership Activation: Djavon Dupree

Coordinator, Partnership Activation: Austin Griffiths

Ticket Partnerships

Vice President, Ticket Partnerships: Neil Aloise

Senior Director, Ticket Partnerships: Zach Brown

Director, Business Development: Lindsay Henkel

Director, Group Events & Hospitality: Mark Hromalik

Director, Suite Sales: Matt Dryer

Director, Birdland Memberships: Emily Maranto

Manager, Birdland Memberships: Jason Mathias

Sr. Coordinator, Party Facilities and VIP Hospitality: Elyse Mathias

Coordinator, Member Services: Courtney Sheehan

Administrative Assistant: Jen Tillmann

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Livia Baker

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Daniel Bubb

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Will Ciccarone

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Gary Guy

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Opare Mantey

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Deron Marchant

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Manny Mastromanolis

Account Executive, Ticket Partnerships: Ben O'Connor

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Carlos Gollahon, Jr.

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Sam Skidmore

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Bryce Callen

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Colleen O'Riordan

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Vincent Romeo

Account Executive, Retention and Member Services: Kiely Woodward

Membership Experience Representative: Riley Holmes

Membership Experience Representative: Jackie Nesbeth

Membership Experience Representative: Ethan Schap

Membership Experience Representative: Shane Tatu

Membership Experience Representative: Oluwarotimi Akinmade

Account Executive, Group and Hospitality Sales: Cole Blackwell

Account Executive, Group and Hospitality Sales: Nina Lamartina

Account Executive, Group and Hospitality Sales: Cory Snee

Account Executive, Group and Hospitality Sales: Ren R. Wechsler

Account Executive, Group and Hospitality Sales: Isabella Zalba

Assistant, Group Events and Hospitality: Robbie Franklin

Gameday Member Services Representative: Julieanne Abbonizio, Daija Burrell, Joey Connor, Robbie Franklin, Brandon Gottshall, Matthew Kells, Gracie Mitchell

Public Affairs

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs: Kerry Watson

Community Development & Communications

Senior Vice President, Community Development & Communications: Jennifer Grondahl


Director, Public Relations: Jackie Harig

Manager, Baseball Communications: Nate Rowan

Senior Coordinator, Public & Player Relations: Aaliyah Butler

Coordinator, Baseball Communications: Liam Davis

Coordinator, Media Relations: Tessa Sayers

Team Translator and Baseball Communications Assistant: Brandon Quinones

Community Development

Coordinator, Community Development and Youth Programs: Demond Wilson Sr.

Community Development Assistant: Julie Goldberg

Events & Administrative Assistant, Community Development: Sydney Lingham

Orioles Alumni

Director, Orioles Alumni & Team Historian: Bill Stetka

Creative Content

Vice President, Creative Content: Tyler Hoffberger

Art Director: Joel Dale

Director, Team Photography: Todd Olszewski

Director, Video Creative: Tony Price

Director, Game Presentation: Alexa Tanzi

Manager, Social Media: Kaitlyn Kaufhold

Associate Director, Cinematography: Nicole Reighter

Manager, Game Presentation: Emma Meck

Senior Graphic Designer: Julie Ludwig

Sr. Producer, Video Creative: Jarred Belman

Sr. Producer, Video Creative: Bailey White

Multiplatform Videographer/Editor: Greg St. Clair, Jr.

Producer, Video Creative: Johnny Douglas

Coordinator, Team Photography: Peyton Stoike

Coordinator, Social Media: Sofia Lucero

Graphic Designer: Sean Facey

Social Media Assistant: Charlie Duffy

Game Presentation Assistant: Heather Turnour

Public Address Announcer: Adrienne Roberson

Senior Game Staff: Joe Bowers, Nate Bucklew, Ed Charik, Mike Hardisky, Pete Holden, Nate Keezer, Richard McFadden, Andy Mulieri, Jimmy Spamer, Diane Stefanic, Devon O’Hara, Sam Williams

Finance & Accounting

Senior Vice President, Chief Finance Officer: Michael D. Hoppes, CPA

Vice President, Finance: Carole Bohon

Director, Financial Planning & Analysis: Jeffrey Trimmer, CPA

Manager, Accounting: J. Elena Arellano, CPA

Senior Accountant: Zachary Long, CPA

Financial Analyst: Joe Lichtfuss

Manager, Payroll: Pamela Nowicki

Assistant Manager, Payroll: Betsy Haines

Assistant Manager, Payroll: Mark Nowicki

Coordinator, Accounts Payable: Angela Bishop

Coordinator, Accounts Receivable: Nick Meusel