Bird Bath

Bird Bath


Lock in your seats in the Bird Bath Splash Zone. Celebrate like the Orioles on all extra base hits. Water will be sprayed after Orioles doubles, triples, and home runs.

We encourage fans to celebrate with the Orioles team by mimicking turning on the faucet, activating the sprinklers, drinking out of the homer hose, and joining in on the fun in Section 86!

You may get wet in the Bird Bath Splash Zone. We encourage fans to secure their belongings in waterproof bags before entering the Bird Bath.

Bird Bath tickets are subject to availability.

IMPORTANT: By purchasing tickets to be seated in the Bird Bath (Section 86), you understand that you may be sprayed with water during the game. Although the Baltimore Orioles take precautionary measures to keep all fans safe and to ensure an enjoyable game experience, you acknowledge that you and your belongings may become saturated with water. By voluntarily sitting in Section 86, you agree to release, indemnify, defend and discharge the Baltimore Orioles from all liability, claims, demands, damages or costs.

Ticket brokers are not eligible for this offer. If the Orioles determine, in their sole discretion, that any ticket buyer purchases tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, then those purchases will be canceled without notice.