Orioles Photos

June 19: Low key low fives! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

June 18: Flyin' in! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

June 16: Odor makes it look easy! Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

June 16: Clear the way for Mountcastle! Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

June 15: O wow, talk about a run! Kishan Mistry/MLB Photos

June 15: All smiles here! Kishan Mistry/MLB Photos

June 14: Low fives! Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

June 12: Pumped Perez! Jamie Squire/Getty Images

June 12: Talk about a face full! Jamie Squire/Getty Images

June 07: Stretchhh! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

June 07: Front row! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

June 05: Did ya see that?! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

June 05: Kremer with the tag out! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

June 02: Scoring points and high fives! Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

June 02:

June 01: Odor with the cannon! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

June 01: Cheesin! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

June 01: Hays flashing that glove work! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 31: Mullins with the catch! Rob Carr/Getty Images

May 30: #WINNING Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

May 30: Honoring Santander after his three run home run! Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

May 30: Low fives for the win! Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

May 30: Leaning into it! Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

May 27: Winning smiles....and games! Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

May 27: BOOM! Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

May 23: Diving into home! Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

May 22: Home run low-fives! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

May 21: Fist bumps for outs! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

May 20: Coming in hot! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 19: When you hit a walk off three run home run to win the game! Rob Carr/Getty Images

May 19: Santander being drenched after hitting a walk off three run home run!

May 16: Nonstop! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 16: Game face! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 16: Comin' in hot! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 15: Too quick! Nic Antaya/Getty Images

May 12: Getting down n dirty! Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

May 05: That home run feeling! Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

May 05: Warming up! Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

May 9: They call him Mr. Lopez! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 9: Someone say Safe! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 9: Cedric being Cedric! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 5: Oh, nice home run chain! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 5: Jorge...Jorge...Jorge! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 5: That's some Urias range! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 5: Ready to go! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 4: A face plant never felt so good! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 4: HEEEEEYOOOO! Peyton Stoike/Baltimore Orioles

May 4: Seeing double! Peyton Stoike/Baltimore Orioles

May 4: That early evening baseball light! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 2: Getting down and dirty! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 2: Flip it real good! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

May 1: Rougie in the rain! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 18: Trey time! Lachlan Cunningham/MLB Photos

April 17: Someone say sock-five! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 17: Rougie Flip! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 16: All well that ends Wells! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 15: JRD Walk Off! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 15: Can you say pumped up! Peyton Stoike/Baltimore Orioles

April 15: Shining bright! Peyton Stoike/Baltimore Orioles

April 15: #42 For Jackie! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 13: Coming in hot! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 13: Rougie at ya! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 13: Just Chillin! Peyton Stoike/Baltimore Orioles

April 11: Shadow pitcher! Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

4/11: Who's ready for some baseball! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 11: Celebrating 30 years! Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

April 7: Opening Day at the Trop! Mike Carlson/MLB Photos

October 3: Bruce Zimmerman delivers. Mark Blinch/Getty Images

October 2: John Means delivers! Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

October 1: Focused! Cole Burston/Getty Images

September 30: Making the leap, getting the out! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 30: The bird, the bird, the bird is the word! Julio Cortez/AP

September 28: Ryan McKenna with the leaping catch! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

September 26: Feel good home run vibes! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 25: Nick Ciuffo getting it done behind the plate! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

September 23: "Home run you say? Yep, I hit one!" Terrance Williams/AP

September 21: Jedi mind tricks?! Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

September 20: He can hit too! John Means celebrates hitting a double! Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

September 19: Trey Mancini connects for a three run double! Winslow Townson/Getty Images

September 16: Orioles magic, they made it happen! Gail Burton/AP

September 15: He does it all! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 15: Can you say surprised! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 15: What a leap! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 14: Cedric always giving it his all! Julio Cortez/AP

September 11: Mounting those home runs! Julio Cortez/AP

September 10: Anthony Santander getting it done with a three run home run! Rob Carr/Getty Images

September 9: The famous Warehouse and view of Eutaw Street at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Julio Cortez/AP

September 8: Home run smiles! Julio Cortez/AP

September 7: Debut and getting the win! Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos

September 6: Mauling stops! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

September 5: Sliding safely into second! Adam Hunger/AP

September 4: ...into home! Adam Hunger/AP

September 4: Flying safely... Adam Hunger/AP

September 3: John means business! Rich Schultz/Getty Images

September 1: Matt Harvey delivers! Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

August 31: Keeping his balance and making the catch! Mark Blinch/Getty Images

August 30: Chris Ellis on the hill! Mark Blinch/Getty Images

August 29: Jorge Mateo watching it go for a two run home run! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

August 28: Coming in hot for a triple! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

August 27: Sign says it all! Gail Burton/AP

July 30: Renato Nunez base knock worth the broken bat. Orlando Ramirez/AP

July 29: Jonathan Villar on the board. Orlando Ramirez/AP

July 28: Jonathan Villar let's celebrate. John McCoy/Getty Images

July 27: Stevie Wilkerson all smiles with the W. John McCoy/Getty Images

July 26: Anthony Santander Stevie Wilkerson Trey Mancini that's a W! Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

July 25: Anthony Santander eye on the ball. Mark J. Terrill/AP

July 24: Anthony Santander mashing baseballs. Norm Hall/Getty Images

July 23: Chris Davis got him. Norm Hall/Getty Images

July 22: Hanser Alberto thank you, thank you. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

July 20: Have a day Asher Wojciechowski Julio Cortez/AP

July 20: Renato Nunez Anthony Santander how strong? too strong! Julio Cortez/AP

July 19: Richie Martin he's in there. Rob Carr/Getty Images

July 17: Richie Martin nothing gets by. Julio Cortez/AP

July 16: Hanser Alberto easy jog around the infield. Rob Carr/Getty Images

July 14: Hanser Alberto it's about that time. Will Newton/Getty Images

July 13: Keon Broxton flashing the leather. Will Newton/Getty Images

July 12: Trey Mancini or The Thinker? Patrick Smith/Getty Images

July 9: Your All-Star John Means. Eve Kilsheimer/MLB Photos

July 7: Trey Mancini laying out. Mark Blinch/Getty Images

July 6: Anthony Santander Keon Broxton Stevie Wilkerson and that's a W. Mark Blinch/Getty Images

July 5: Well done, boys. Mark Blinch/Getty Images

July 3: Mychal Givens doing everything for an out. Steve Nesius/AP

July 2: Stevie Wilkerson don't forget to call for it. Steve Nesius/AP

July 1: Tom Eshelman getting his first big league nod. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

June 30: Hanser Alberto boy, sure is a hot one. Nick Wass/AP

June 29: Hanser Alberto BYAAAAH! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

June 28: John Means silencing bats. Rob Carr/Getty Images

June 26: Richard Bleier center of attention. Rob Carr/Getty Images

June 25: Welcome to the club Adley Rutschman. Nick Wass/AP

June 22: Jimmy Yacabonis LIGHT EM UP. Abbie Parr/Getty Images

June 20: Rio Ruiz starts off his night with a two-run single. Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

June 19: Miguel Castro I beat ya. Jeff Chiu/AP

June 18: Jonathan Villar see ya. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

June 17: Chris Davis got it. Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

June 16; Stevie Wilkerson scoring runs. Rob Carr/Getty Images

June 15: Eyes on Richie Martin. Rob Carr/Getty Images

June 14: Trey Mancini gotta be able to get at least one. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

June 12: Rio Ruiz take a minte to enjoy the game. Rob Carr/Getty Images

June 11: Another beautiful night at Camden Yards. Greg Fiume/Getty Images

June 9: Richie Martin he gone. Bob Levey/Getty Images

June 8: Sliding on by. Bob Levey/Getty Images

June 7: Chance Sisco dinger. Michael Wyke/AP

June 6: Gotcha. Richie Martin sends Ronald Guzman back to the dugout. Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

June 5: Keon Broxton boy, sure is a hot one. Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

June 4: Dwight Smith Jr all smiles. Tony Gutierrez/AP

June 2: Dan Straily on the hump. Tommy Gilligan/AP

June 1: Just watching and waiting. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 31: Dwight Smith Jr that grand slam swing. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 29: Baseball Sky. Rob Carr/Getty Images

May 28: DJ Stewart view from on-deck. Will Newton/Getty Images

May 27: Hanser Alberto laying it down. Gail Burton/AP

May 25: Kicking up the dust to put one on the board. David Zalubowski/AP

May 24: Dwight Smith Jr did you guys see that? David Zalubowski/AP

May 23: Renato Nunez Stevie Wilkerson give me five. Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

May 22: Trying to slide into home Pedro Severino. Nick Wass/AP

May 21: Turning two Hanser Alberto. Rob Carr/Getty Images

May 20: And the green grass grows all around, all around Hanser Alberto. Nick Wass/AP

May 18: Trey Mancini knocked his 10th homer of the season to put the Birds on the board. Tony Dejak/AP

May 17: Yep, that ball is GONE. Jonathan Villar drills a three-run homer. Jason Miller/Getty Images

May 16: The man, the myth, the legend, Trey Mancini knocks a three-run homer in the third inning. Ron Schwane/Getty Image

May 15: Trey Mancini takes a slow jog around the Bronx. Al Bello/Getty Images

May 11: Dwight Smith Jr put the Birds on the board! Gail Burton/AP

May 10: Trey Mancini celebrates with Dwight Smith Jr after hitting a home run in the first inning. Greg Fiume/Getty Images

May 8: No pain, no gain. Richie Martin steals second base as Eduardo Nunez attempts to make the out. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

May 7: Rio Ruiz goes yard in the first inning. Gail Burton/AP

May 6: That was grand! Jonathan Villar celebrates a grand slam in the second inning. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

May 4: "Chewie, we're home." Will Newton/Getty Images

May 3: Hanser Alberto is a man on a mission. Tommy Gilligan/AP

May 1: Bye, ball! Stevie Wilkerson hits a three-run home run in the 4th inning. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

May 1: Orioles take Game 1, 5-4! David Banks/Getty Images

April 29: Pedro Severino sends it in the third! Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Image

April 27: Jonathan Villar has his eye on the prize. Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

April 26: Trey Mancini is going to need a new bat. Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

April 24: Winning mood. Greg Fiume/Getty Images

April 23: The Baltimore Orioles are all about being fundamentally sound! Patrick Smith/Getty Images

April 22: Let's play ball! Will Newton/Getty Images

April 21: Dwight Smith Jr. is doing it all today. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

April 20: Welcome to the big leagues, Branden Kline! Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

April 20: Raise 'em for a Dwight Smith Jr. two-run home run. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

April 18: Stealing second with style. Mike Carlson/Getty Images

April 17: Let's play ball! Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

April 16: Trey Mancini gets some love. Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

April 15: Chris Davis knocked his first homer of 2019! Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos

April 15: Dan Straily earned his first Oriole's win, allowing just two hits over five innings. Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos

April 13: Richie Martin is going for the out! Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

April 12: Dwight Smith Jr. goes YARD! Kathryn Riley /Getty Images

April 11: Dwight Smith Jr. slides into second for a double! Greg Fiume/Getty Images

April 10: Two for the price of one? We'll take it! Rio Ruiz celebrates with Renato Nunez after hitting a two-run home run in the fifth against the Oakland Athletics. Greg Fiume/Getty Images

April 8: Get low! Cedric Mullins celebrates after hitting a triple and scoring on a throwing error against the Oakland Athletics. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

April 7: Cedric Mullins showing off the hops! Rob Carr/Gety Images

April 6: Jonathan Villar feels the love in the dugout. Rob Carr/Getty Images

April 4: Home Opener and the gang's all here! Rob Tringali/MLB Photos

April 3: Trey Mancini goes BIG with a three-run home run in the ninth inning. Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

April 2: Chris Davis with the flip for the out! Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

April 1: Trey Mancini is cleaning up the yard. Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

March 31: Trey Mancini and the O's taking it to the Yankees! Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

March 30: First win of the season! 👊 Sarah Stier/Getty Images

March 28: Joey Rickard goes the distance for Opening Day. Seth Wenig/AP