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Sarasota 365

Year-round, the Orioles focus their philanthropic efforts on two distinct pillars: Strengthening Our Community and Empowering Our Youth. Those pillars serve as the foundation of Sarasota 365. Since moving to Ed Smith Stadium in 2010, the Orioles have worked to fortify corporate and community partnerships, build a year-round impact on the Greater Sarasota community, and position Ed Smith Stadium as a premier destination for baseball, entertainment, and community development.

Lasting Impact In Sarasota

Through year-round operations and events at Ed Smith Stadium and the Buck O’Neil Complex, the Orioles have provided a lasting impact on the Sarasota County community that goes beyond charitable giving. Sarasota County Government’s annual economic report has found that the Orioles have generated $600.5 million in economic impact for the state of Florida since 2015, the first year that comprehensive data became available.

The county’s analysis measures the total impact created by the Orioles’ year-round operations in Sarasota, highlighted by the team’s Spring Training efforts, a state-of-the-art minor league training facility, and numerous corporate events at Ed Smith Stadium and the Buck O'Neil Baseball Complex. The most recent reporting period, which ran from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, found that the Orioles provided $45.6 million in economic benefits to Sarasota County and $55.3 million throughout the state of Florida, despite playing just nine home games at Ed Smith Stadium.

Since the organization made Ed Smith Stadium its Spring Training home, nearly 1.1 million people have attended Orioles games in Sarasota. Attendees of Orioles year-round events have spent an average of more than $21 million annually at local hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments – another major contributor to the club’s overall impact on the region.

In addition to Spring Training operations, the Orioles bring people to Sarasota County by hosting a myriad of special events at Ed Smith Stadium and the Buck O’Neil Baseball Complex throughout the entire year, consisting of youth sports tournaments, arts and entertainment programs, charitable activations, and more.

Athletes & Artists Play for Kids

Premier Events

Strengthing Our Community

Birdland Community Heroes

Feeding Sarasota

The Orioles have partnered with numerous local organizations to combat food insecurity in the Sarasota County region.

Community Donations

COVID-19 Relief

In the face of the global pandemic, the Orioles turned Ed Smith Stadium into a venue where residents in need could receive essential services. To help alleviate local healthcare systems, the Orioles began hosting COVID-19 testing in August of 2021, which administered more than 45,000 tests in its first six months.

Blood Drives with OneBlood

Empowering Our Youth

Orioles Health & Fitness Challenge

Gameday Experience

Youth Baseball Clinics

Big League Reader Program