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Miller Park Facts & Figures

Seating Capacity: 41,900
Size of Building: 1.2 million square feet and 25 acres
Size of Overall Site: 265 acres
Weight of Structure: ** 500,000 tons or 62,500,000 16 pound bowling balls
**Number of Baseballs Needed to Fill Miller Park:
Number of Sports Light Fixtures: 672 consuming 1,008,000 watts of power
Number of Restrooms: 33 men, 33 women
Number of Permanent Concession Stands: 38
Seat Width: 19-22 inches
Aisle Width: 32 inches
Weight of Roof: 12,000 tons
Span of Roof: 600 feet covering 10.5 acres
Height of Roof on the Outside at the Peak: 330 feet
Cubic Yards of Excavation: 165,000 or roughly 16,500 full dump trucks
Total Cubic Yards of Concrete: 70,000
Total Tons of Structural Steel: 24,000
Total Tons of Rebar: 8,500
Total Concrete Piers Drilled: 321
Total Steel Foundation Piles Driven: 1,576