Chourio: 'What’s happening with me is a blessing'

January 18th, 2024

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It’s been a transformational offseason for the Brewers. Not only do they have a new manager, they’ve ushered in a new face of the franchise in , formalizing that role for their top prospect (and No. 2 overall, per MLB Pipeline) via a record-breaking extension in December.

All of this will make Chourio’s rookie year one of the most anticipated for a Brewers prospect in years, maybe ever.'s David Venn recently sat down with Chourio during the annual MLB/MLBPA Rookie Program to talk about Chourio playing for his home team in Venezuela, signing a long-term deal with Milwaukee and more. How has your life been the last two years with two Futures Games, rising up the Minor League system and, of course, the contract?

Chourio: Really, I’d say it’s been exciting. Exciting and full of blessings, you know? Those experiences are unforgettable for me and well, the good thing is that I enjoyed them to the fullest. Sometimes people see you and think everything comes easy, with everything you’ve done. The question is: Has it been that easy? Or should people know more about the effort?

Chourio: No, no, no. They should know more. You prepare all year for the season, right? And you work hard to see those positive results. Speaking of preparation and experience in baseball, how has it been for you in recent years to play for the Águilas del Zulia, your home team? 

Chourio: I think that’s priceless, you know? It’s the team that I watched growing up. I love playing here in my country, having people support me. I grew up watching that team, and for me it’s like a dream to play there. In a lot of cases, there are family members, friends from your city or from the city of a player that don’t have the chance to see them play in the United States. But they do when that player is in their home country. Is that the case with you? 

Chourio: My family is somewhat big, and they’re really happy to be able to see me play. You are the No. 1 prospect for Milwaukee and No. 2 in baseball, and now you have the contract. How do you take on that responsibility at this stage in your career? 

Chourio: The truth is, it’s a lot of responsibility, you know? It’s important, you know? I think that it's about trying to always be the best [that you can] in everything. And so I’ll always try to make the effort and always give the best of myself to have positive results, you know? Now, the Milwaukee club has put a lot of trust in you, obviously. What do you think of that, and how will you go about rewarding it? 

Chourio: Since the day I signed, they always gave me that confidence and gave me that opportunity. And thank God, I’ve been able to take advantage of it. That makes me really happy. Every time I go out and play, I go out and play without worry and calm, because I know that people have confidence in me. And thank God, things have turned out well. You could start [this season] in Triple-A, but you could also start the season with the big league club. Have you thought about how your MLB debut will be?

Chourio: I used to think about it. Obviously, I’d like my family to be present. It’s possible, but I think the visas have expired. But I’d just like them to be there. How excited are you to be with the big league team in Spring Training this year in Phoenix? And how much do you want to show the team what you have at this stage of your career?  

Chourio: The truth is, what’s happening with me is a blessing. Thank God, I’ve done really well these last few years and, well, I’m just going there to enjoy it, to get a little more experience, try to learn a little about everything and, well, work on myself to have a good year.