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Levi’s® Community Advocate Program

During the 2020 summer, Levi’s® and the Giants teamed up to highlight and honor six nonprofits in our community who took action and made a difference for those most in need. While our world has changed in ways we could have never imagined, there remained one constant and that is the work so many in our communities did and are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The six organizations support and are a resource for veterans, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and those that need an extra hand. Each organization received a grant and reusable masks from Levi's. We thank all of these groups, and the individuals volunteering, for their perseverance and selflessness.

Homeless Prenatal Program

Homeless Prenatal Program during COVID-19

Having reworked its service delivery in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, HPP continues to serve homeless and low-income families. The agency has seen the need for support increase exponentially since the start of the pandemic. Families who were once getting by are seeking support for the first time, and families who were already struggling are facing increased and more intense challenges.

HPP seeks to break the cycle of family homelessness and poverty, and its COVID-19 emergency response fits squarely within that mission. Homeless families, under-housed families, and families at risk of homelessness are particularly vulnerable during this crisis for a variety of reasons. HPP is committed to being there for families both now and after the crisis has calmed; to ensuring that families have enough food today and that they can make rent in coming months.

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