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Concessions Guide

Welcome to the Official Nationals Park Concessions Guide. The Washington Nationals in partnership with Levy Restaurants strive to offer the finest quality dining experience in a ballpark. Nationals Park offers a variety of food & beverage options in addition to traditional ballpark fare. Please use this tool to navigate the concessions available throughout the Main Concourse, Mezzanine, Club, and Gallery Levels at Nationals Park. Each stand listing includes a brief description of the featured menu items. You can also explore the Featured Concessions at Nationals Park on the Concessions webpage and in the Featured Concession Items tile in the MLB Ballpark app.

Coming to Nationals Park as a Group? Purchase concession credit with your tickets and redeem at concessions stands throughout the ballpark ("cash only" stands excluded). For more information please visit Group Tickets.

Main Concourse - Center Field Plaza

SECTION 100 & 145

Baseline Brews: Center Field Plaza
Beltway Bar: Center Field Plaza
Budweiser Brew House: Center Field Plaza
Gluten Free Grill: Center Field Plaza

Main Concourse - Left Field

SECTIONS 101-107

Daqs & Ritas: Section 103
Baseline Brews: Section 105
District Drafts: Section 104
Haute Dogs & Fries: Section 106
Caviar Exclusive Restaurant of the Month: Section 106
Cocktail Bar: Section 106
Hank's Oyster Bar: Section 106
Baseline Brews: Section 106
Lobster Shack: Section 107
Kettle Corn: Section 107
Capital Candy: Section 109

Main Concourse - Third Base

SECTIONS 108-122

Senators Sausage: Section 108
Baseline Brews: Section 108
District Coolers: Section 108
Nats Dogs: Section 109
Ben's Chili Bowl: Section 109
District Drafts: Section 110
Grand Slam Grill: Section 110
Change Up Chicken: Section 110
District of Cocktails: Section 111
Goose Island Drafts: Section 111
Goose Island Bar: Section 112
Dolci Gelati: Section 114
Street Skewers: Section 114
Chesapeake Crab Cake Co.: Section 114
Baseline Brews: Section 115
Enzo's Pizza: Section 115
Breyers Ice Cream: Section 115
See. You. Tater.: Section 116
Daqs & Ritas: Section 116
Nats Dogs: Section 117
Steak of the Union: Section 117
District Drafts: Section 118

Main Concourse - First Base

SECTIONS 123-137

Popfly Popcorn: Section 128
Nats Dogs: Section 128
Bao Bao: Section 129
Cantina 202: Section 130
District Drafts: Section 130
Change Up Chicken: Section 130
Georgetown Grill: Section 130
Bar: Section 132
Steak of the Union: Section 133
Baseline Brews: Section 133
Senators Sausage: Section 134
Capital Candy: Section 134
District Coolers: Section 135
Medium Rare: Section 135
Dolci Gelati: Section 135
Breyers Ice Cream: Section 135
Baseline Brews: Section 136
Nats Dogs: Section 136
Melissa's Taste of the Southwest: Section 136

Main Concourse - Right Field

SECTIONS 138-143

Capital Candy: Section 137
District Drafts: Section 139
La Casita Pupuseria: Section 140
Ben's Chili Bowl: Section 141
Grand Slam Grill: Section 141
Baseline Brews: Section 141
Devils Backbone Drafts: Section 141
Coffee & Treats: Section 141
Nats Dogs: Section 142
Leilani's Shave Ice: Section 143
Funnel Cakes: Section 143
Rookies (Kids): Section 143
Max's Kosher: Section 145

Club Level - Left Field

SECTIONS 201-205

Capital Candy: Section 201
Diamond Classics: Section 202
Stella Bar: Section 204

Club Level

SECTIONS 206-221

Nats Bar: Section 209
Old Hickory BBQ: Section 210
South Capitol Grill: Section 211
Enzo's Pizza: Section 213
Capitol Carvery: Section 214
South Capitol Sushi: Section 215
Coffee & Treats: Section 216
Cantina 202: Section 216
Gray's Bar: Section 217
Anacostia Station: Section 218

Club Level - Right Field

SECTIONS 223-236

Baseline Brews: Section 222
District Drafts: Section 223
Steak of the Union: Section 225
Popfly Popcorn: Section 227
Enzo's Pizza: Section 227
Nats Dogs: Section 229
Baseline Brews: Section 231
Leilani's Shave Ice: Section 231
Taco Caminando: Section 233
Dolci Gelati: Section 235

Scoreboard Pavilion

SECTIONS 237-243

Cocktail Counter: Section 237
Box Frites: Section 238
CHIKO: Section 238
Shake Shack: Section 240
Devils Backbone Drafts: Section 242
Budweiser Terrace Bar: Section 242
Harris Creek Oyster Co.: Section 243
Old Hickory BBQ Grill: Section 244
Bud Light Loft Bar: Section 244

Gallery Level

SECTIONS 301-321 & 401-420

Devils Backbone Left Field Lodge: Section 301
Old Hickory BBQ: Section 301
Change Up Chicken: Section 301
District Drafts: Section 304
Union Pub: Section 305
Baseline Brews: Section 305
Chesapeake Crab Cake Co.: Section 306
Steak & Sausage: Section 308
Dolci Gelati: Section 309
District Drafts: Section 310
Nats Dogs: Section 310
Sweet Spot: Section 311
Enzo's Pizza: Section 311
Capitol Candy: Section 313
Taste of the Majors: Section 313
Baseline Brews: Section 313
Nats Dogs: Section 314
Cantina 202: Section 314
Funnel Cakes: Section 315
Ben's Chili Bowl: Section 317
Triple Play Grill: Section 317
Nats Dogs: Section 318