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Josh Bell’s Book Club

Josh Bell's Book Club

Nationals fans, book lovers and anyone exploring self-improvement, seeking out good or pursuing progress, the Josh Bell Book Club is for you. Focused on “what being a good human being looks like,” I have purposefully chosen books for my club that offer concepts, mindsets and inspiration for being and becoming better. Books – Betterment – Progress is a continuum: we can learn through books, we can become better and we can achieve progress.

Each month I will announce another book in this season-long series. Please read the book and join me in engaging discussions about what resonated with us. Check back often to register for the book discussion webinars and to see which books are next in this series.

Our book discussions will be guided by librarians from Fairfax County Public Library and Prince George’s County Memorial Library System – the two preferred library systems of the Josh Bell Book Club. Occasionally, I may also have special guests join our discussions. Make sure to visit your favorite library for not only my books of the month, but to take advantage of all the services and resources that public libraries offer. Happy reading!

Josh Bell

For questions, email [email protected]

* Dates and times subject to change

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