Food Trucks in Championship Plaza

Offering new enjoyment and improved amenities to fans, the Oakland A's are proud to introduce Championship Plaza, located on the plaza between the Coliseum and the Arena on the west side of the ballpark. Championship Plaza is part of the in-game experience and features gourmet food trucks, beer stands, music, games and a large video screen, making it the perfect place to gather before and during games. The gourmet food trucks are in conjunction with Food Truck Mafia, a Bay Area favorite.

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Named to honor the A's franchise nine World Series championships, the area will also include pennants. Each individual pennant will honor a championship, five in total from Philadelphia and four won in Oakland.

Championship Plaza and all it has to offer will be present at every Oakland A's home game, excluding dual events with the Arena. The A's look forward to providing you with excellent and unique experiences at the Oakland Coliseum.

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Check back soon for a new food truck lineup this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Championship Plaza be open?
Championship Plaza will be available to enjoy at every Oakland A's home game, excluding dual events with the Arena. Dual event dates include April 14, May 16, June 13, August 18, August 19, August 20 and August 21. Championship Plaza will open when gates open for ballpark entry.

Will Championship Plaza have in/out privileges?
Championship Plaza is considered part of the ballpark. It is a ticketed area, accessible with any game ticket. Fans can enter the ballpark via a general entry gate at the southwest corner of Championship Plaza. Fans can also flow freely from inside the Coliseum to Championship Plaza via the glass doors on the west side of the ballpark.

Can I exit Championship Plaza to the parking lot and re-enter?
No. There is no re-entry to the Coliseum with a ticket that has already been scanned. Movement from Championship Plaza into the Coliseum is okay. But once you leave Championship Plaza, like if you leave the ballpark from any other gate, you will not be admitted again with the same ticket.

Do I need a special ticket to visit Championship Plaza?
No. Any game ticket can access Championship Plaza.

What are the entry gates at Championship Plaza?
Fans can enter the ballpark via a general entry gate at the southwest corner of Championship Plaza. The Season Ticket Member entry gate near Championship Plaza is adjacent to and just north of Championship Plaza.

How do I enter Championship Plaza from inside the ballpark?
Fans can enter Championship Plaza from inside the ballpark by walking up the ramp behind section 114. At the top of the ramp gate EE provides access to and from Championship Plaza.

Will I be able to watch the game from Championship Plaza?
Yes. There will be a large screen where fans can continue to watch the game while inside Championship Plaza.

How many food trucks will be available per game?
There will be anywhere from 2-6 trucks available per game. Food trucks will open for service when ballpark gates open until the end of the 7th inning or depleted of stock. Food trucks will not be available during dual events with the Arena.

How do I know which trucks will be available?
Food Truck Mafia will coordinate the food trucks. The A's will share available trucks on social media on game day, but will not know which trucks will arrive until they appear.

Will food trucks offer alternative dietary options?
Yes. Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options will be available among the gourmet food trucks.

Are food trucks cash only?
Food trucks do not accept cash. There are reverse ATM’s available inside the stadium.

Can I use added-value from my ticket's barcode or gift cards at the food trucks?
No. Food trucks are unable to accept these forms of payment.

What type of beer will be available in Championship Plaza?
Your favorite beers will be available for purchase from a stand set up inside Championship Plaza. Credit card will be the only form of payment accepted.

Is Championship Plaza accessible for impaired fans?
Yes, all fans will be able to access and enjoy Championship Plaza.

Are children allowed in Championship Plaza?
Yes. Keep in mind the Championship Plaza is considered part of the ballpark so if entering the game at Championship Plaza, game tickets will be required for children 2-years-old and older.

What games will be available in Championship Plaza?
Ping Pong, Corn Hole, Connect 4 and other interactive games will be set up for enjoyment.

Will there be seating inside Championship Plaza?
Yes. Tables and benches will be available for use and enjoyment.

Can food truck meals be ordered from the MLB Ballpark app?
No. At this time food truck concessions are unable to be ordered via the MLB Ballpark app.