Support the Jack London Square Ballpark

Show the Port of Oakland Commission your support for the A's waterfront ballpark project at Jack London Square. The new privately financed waterfront ballpark at Jack London Square will generate 5,000 jobs, $3 billion in new economic activity, and secure the A's long-term success and sustainability in Oakland. Please sign the petition below to show our local and regional agencies your support.

City of Oakland - Public Engagement

The City of Oakland is launching public engagement and outreach to ensure Oakland community members have an accurate understanding of the Oakland A's Howard Terminal project proposal. Public engagement and outreach will be conducted over the next several months, beginning in November 2019, and the meetings are open to all members of the public.

Community members are encouraged to attend these meetings to learn about the Oakland A's Howard Terminal Project and upcoming public engagement events.

Remarks and presentations will be made by staff members from the City of Oakland and the Oakland A's, and the meeting will be facilitated by an independent consultant.

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Port of Oakland - Community Benefits

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