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AB 1191- Oakland Waterfront Ballpark Act

This legislation will help ensure the development of a future baseball park along with ancillary development such as housing and retail which will bring quality employment opportunities to Oakland and the East Bay region.

SB 293- Oakland Waterfront Revitalization and Environmental Justice Infrastructure Financing District

This bill is intended to support the development of the Howard Terminal site in Oakland to include a baseball ballpark for the Oakland A's, as well as much-needed housing and retail, including affordable housing and mixed-use development that will provide access to the waterfront.

Sign the Support Petition

Show the Port of Oakland Commission your support for the A's waterfront ballpark project at Jack London Square. The new privately financed waterfront ballpark at Jack London Square will generate 5,000 jobs, $3 billion in new economic activity, and secure the A's long-term success and sustainability in Oakland. 

Get Involved

From subscribing to our newsletter to speaking at events, there are many ways to help us build our Oakland ballpark at Jack London Square. Use the form below to raise your hand and let your voice be heard.