Jack London Square Ballpark

Our plan is to build an urban neighborhood ballpark at Howard Terminal. The site for the new ballpark is located next to Jack London Square.

Our goal is to build a vibrant, urban ballpark that will also feature housing, including affordable housing, open space, parks, businesses, and entertainment that connects Jack London Square, downtown Oakland, and West Oakland. Click here to learn more about the project.

The new ballpark will be 100% privately financed by the Oakland A's.

To be determined. Preliminary estimates anticipate a total cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Capacity will be around 34,000.

The timeline is unknown.

Not yet.

A transit-first approach, our plan reduces car trips by 20 percent, expands public transportation options, invests in bike safety and infrastructure, and pedestrian walkways and bridges. Click here to learn more about the transportation plan.

Investments at Howard Terminal create an opportunity to upgrade the existing at-grade pedestrian, bike, and vehicular crossing safety throughout the greater Jack London Square District to current safety standards, which has been a concern of both Union Pacific Railroad and local community for years. Click here to learn more about the transportation plan.

Oakland Coliseum Redevelopment

Our goal for the Coliseum site is to deliver a bold vision and real benefits specifically tailored to the goals and needs of East Oakland. Working with public agencies and the community, we plan to revitalize the Coliseum with new economic, cultural, and recreational programming. Preliminary plans include a large park, surrounded by substantial new housing, along with affordable housing, a skills center, community gathering space, office and retail developments, and restaurants.

See our Oakland Coliseum site renderings »

We are uniquely positioned to redevelop the Coliseum and deliver significant benefits to the community. We are working closely with public and community leaders to develop a timeline in pursuit of that goal that works for all parties.

This is bigger than baseball. Our goal with this two-project approach is to create significant community benefits for West and East Oakland.

Emerging from extensive technical analysis and community dialogue were five "guiding principles" informing the project. Development solely at either Howard Terminal or the Coliseum will not meet these guiding principles. In contrast, a two-project approach will deliver on all five guiding principles.

Click here to learn more about our guiding principles.

We want to make sure a new ballpark at Howard Terminal and the redevelopment of the Oakland Coliseum site will enhance the community. We are engaging daily with our fans and community to learn what they want in both East Oakland and West Oakland.

In 2017, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute studied the economic impact a new ballpark could have on Oakland. The report determined:

  • Oakland residents and businesses would reap approximately $3 billion in economic benefits over the first 10 years from the construction and operation of a new privately financed ballpark.
  • The ballpark would create 2,000 construction jobs, many of which would go to local workers and businesses.

We plan to continue to study the economic impact of our project over the next year.

Yes, we are committed to delivering robust economic and community benefits.

Our lease at the Coliseum is only through the 2024 season. A new facility is necessary to compete at the top level of Major League Baseball for the long term. With a new ballpark, we will be able to retain our players and build a more competitive team to bring all of Oakland and the East Bay championship-caliber baseball.