2018 Cardinals Fan Music Contest - #CardsMusic

Winner of the 2018 Fan Music Contest

Cardinals Nation (Hearts Are Pumpin')
KT Clark feat. Nite Owl, Lyrics by Beth Huonker, arranged and produced by Nathan Hershey

Few things go better together than music and baseball. From the venerable classic Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Here Comes the King to the heart-pulsing walk-up songs of our favorite players, the soundtrack of baseball is interwoven into the fabric of our great game.

Now, you have a chance to put your mark on the Cardinals by sharing your talent and creativity!

Do you have musical talent? Can you write music or perform? Are you waiting to be discovered, but just need to get your music in front of the right people? Well, this is your big chance!

We already know we have the best fans in baseball, but this is our chance to show the world that we also have the most talented fans! Our fans are as creative and musically gifted as they are diverse.

Whether you sing, tickle the ivory, play the guitar or rock out with your own mix deck, we are calling on you to put your unique talents to work for us!

It can be whatever you imagine…a team fight song, a fan anthem, a bird ballad, an adrenaline pumping, rally-generating, stadium rocking fan chant or any catchy tune that celebrates the St. Louis Cardinals so long as it is a completely original work you will share with us!

We are asking you to write, perform and share the original Cardinals-inspired song via either a video or audio file.  


One talented performer will be crowned the winner and will receive an expenses paid trip to Nashville to have his/her song or piece of music professionally recorded and mastered in the professional recording studio "The Shoebox" in Nashville. In addition, the Cardinals will produce a professional video of your recording session and share it with all of Cardinals Nation!

FREE Downloadable Cardinals-Inspired Music

To help inspire creativity and give you sense of what a Cardinals-song might sound like, we had a few songs created for your listening pleasure.


Cardinals Nation Strong & Proud by Shock City Studios

Hip Hop

Hometown Heroes by Wyshmaster


Party Fowl by Diesel & Dixie

Featured Entries

Cardinals Nation (Hearts Are Pumpin')
KT Clark feat. Nite Owl, Lyrics by Beth Huonker, arranged and produced by Nathan Hershey

Go Cards! (The Rally Song)
Vega Heartbreak feat. Connor Low
and School of Rock

Cardinals Nation
Jay Tighe

It's a Bird Thing
David Ryckman

Cardinals Baseball Fan
Claire Holtzman

The Great Cardinal Nation Song
Jimmy Johnson

Baseball in the Lou
Jim Welch

We Da Cards
Anson Hughes

Cardinals Fly Tonight
Josh Gilton

Go Redbirds (New Edit)
Randy Quinn

It's What We Do
Gnarsh (Glennon Williams)

Fly Home
Cara Anderton

Let's Go Crazy Cardinals
Steve Perron

We Are Cardinal Nation
Wesley McKinney

Not Just Any Crowd
Boo Detch

If I Gotta Go (This is Where I Want to Be)
FBC Praise

This is Family
STL Narwhals

I Love the Cards
Anna Kern-Taylor

Cardinals Way Song
Todd Dempsey

St Louis Rally
Elliot Doc Simpson

Game Time - Play Ball
Gary Michael Perry

Baseball Town
Gary Schoenberger

St. Louis Cardinals Song
Caleb Ward

Let's Go Cardinals!
Monte & The Machine

Plain Ole Joe