Spartan Race

For the first time ever, Busch Stadium will transform into a Spartan Race. The obstacle course is coming to St. Louis and bringing along it's physical challenges, camaraderie, and lively festival atmosphere.

Dart through the Cardinal's locker room, feel your legs burn up the stadium stairs, and cross the finish line with your friends on the field. This Spartan Stadium Sprint will push you over 3 miles and 20+ obstacles, while granting you behind-the-scenes access to your beloved stadium.

The Busch Stadium Spartan Sprint has a heat for everyone, whether you're a fierce competitor or a beginner. There's fun for fans of all ages, including a spectator pass and a kids race.

Head over to the Busch Stadium Spartan Sprint event page to register as an adult racer, kids racer, or spectator.

Race Schedule

Starting at 7:30am, waves of 15 racers will be released every minute. You will receive an email approximately one week before the race with your race times. YOUR exact start time in the group you registered for will be posted under the Race Day tab approximately 10 days prior to the event date.

Finishers Receive