Chase Field

Additional Information


Southbound traffic on 3rd St. may be routed west at Washington St. as conditions dictate. If this occurs you have several options. You may continue west on Washington St. to 1st Ave., turn left on 1st Ave. and continue south or head east on Jefferson St. to access parking.

Helpful Hint: If you are headed southbound on 7th St. and traffic is backed-up, consider turning right on Roosevelt or Fillmore Sts. and use 1st St. or 1st Ave. to travel south.

Use the HOV lanes to get in and out of Copper Square for events. Multiple passengers are required only during peak rush hours of 6am-9am and 3pm-7pm weekdays.

Helpful Hint: Due to heavy usage, the 3rd St. HOV exit is the least preferred option during event ingress.

Look for important advice on electronic message signs on the freeway and surface streets on your way to Copper Square. They will help you find the best route.

Park in the same quadrant from which you have entered (e.g. if you enter from the south, park between 3rd Ave. and 9th St, from Lincoln to Jefferson St.).

Leaving Chase Field

If you are parked north of Washington St., take 3rd or 7th Aves. to the Freeways. You may also use Central, 3rd and 7th Aves. to continue northbound.

If you are parked in the southeast quadrant of Copper Square (south of Jefferson and east of 4th St., traffic will be required to travel south to Lincoln St. and then east to 7th St. Turn right on 7th St. to access I-17 or continue southbound.

If you are parked in the southwest quadrant of Copper Square (south of Jefferson and west of 3rd St.), travel south to Lincoln. At Lincoln (Lincoln turns into Grant), you will be required to travel west to 7th Ave. where freeway access can be made by going south to I-17 or north to I-10.

Helpful Hint: Access to freeways can be made by turning left on 7th Ave. to I-17 or proceed westbound on Grant (Lincoln turns into Grant) to I-17.