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David Peralta Fund for Venezuela

D-backs David Peralta is a fan favorite on and off of the field. His passionate approach to the game, and to life, has transformed the popular player to a D-backs fan favorite! The "Freight Train" as he is affectionately known, is a force on the bases and an equally dedicated family man. David's wife Jordan and daughter Sofia have captured the heart of the doting family man.

Always on his mind is his home country of Venezuela where family, friends and neighbors are struggling due to a lack of medical supplies and critical resources in a country devastated by recent unrest. David has been working for months with non-profit organizations in an attempt to deliver badly need supplies to his home. With more than $25,000 raised to date, Peralta and the D-backs are poised to assist as soon as there is access granted for relief organizations.

The Peraltas are passionate about supporting vulnerable families by delivering hope to Venezuela. Fans can join the effort by supporting David and Jordan with charitable contributions that will provide medical supplies and aid to Venezuela. Donate online by clicking the link below and selecting David Peralta Fund for Venezuela.