Bringing Giants Past to Life

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Kruk & Kuip

Willie Mac Award

Boyce Boys

Cepeda Statue

The Freak

Snow Wall of Fame

Making History

Commitment to the Community

Oct 4, 1992 Umpire Card

Romo Bobble

Huey Lewis

Robinson Bobble

Miller Bobblehead

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2010 Renteria Helmet


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2020 Opening Day Base

World Series Pins – NY Wins

There’s More Than One Way to Win the World Series

World Series Pins – Wait Til Next Year

Sometimes exciting things can happen even when the Giants lose the World Series.

World Series Pins – Phantom Pins

The Giants produced Phantom Pins for some great teams that didn’t quite make it to the World Series.

World Series Pins – PacBell and AT&T Park

The San Francisco Giants have played some exciting World Series games in their current home.


Legendary moments and people highlighted the last World Series Championship for the Giants in New York.


The bat a baseball player uses is as unique as the legacy they leave.

Tell It Goodbye

On September 30, 1999 over 61,000 fans said goodbye to baseball at Candlestick Park with a post-game party for the ages.

Dave Dravecky

“It’s not what you do that matters most, it is who you are.” - Dave Dravecky. To learn more about Dave Dravecky, his story and his foundation, please go to


After winning their first National League pennant in 27 years, the 1989 Giants ignited the championship flame in San Francisco that glows to this day.

Opening Day Heroes

The Giants have had several exciting home openers, with some well-loved players taking center stage.


The 1904 season began an exciting time in Giants history, with ramifications that are felt to this day.

Minor Leagues

In 2019 the Giants minor league affiliates combined to go 415-401 (.509) and had the 11th-best organizational winning percentage in the minors. To top it off, Sacramento (AAA), San Jose (A), Augusta (A), Salem-Keizer (A) and the AZL Giants Orange (R) all made the playoffs in their respective leagues.

Cain Perfect - Teamwork

Matt Cain made history on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 when he threw the first perfect game in franchise history, but even during a perfect game, baseball is a team sport.

Croix de Candlestick

“Veni, Vidi, Vixi” - I came, I saw, I survived – was a rallying cry at Candlestick from 1983-1999. Fans who braved the elements during an extra-inning night game were awarded an official Croix de Candlestick, demonstrating their loyalty and devotion to the Giants.

Hank Greenwald

Little did anyone know when Hank Greenwald was born on June 26, 1935 in Detroit that he would become an icon to San Francisco Giants fans.

Tell It Goodbye

Using Lon Simmons’ tag line “Tell It Goodbye”, the Giants celebrated the end of the millennium and the final year of baseball at Candlestick/3Com Park in 1999.

The ones that got away

Third baseman, Al Gallagher was the first player the Giants drafted in the inaugural First-Year Player Draft in 1965. In the 55 years between Gallagher and catcher, Joey Bart (who the Giants signed in 2019) the Giants have had 75 first round picks (including supplemental rounds), but some great athletes ended up on other teams.

Leonard Koppett

A sportswriter for almost 60 years, Leonard Koppett spent countless hours at the ballpark watching the games great players. He used his extensive knowledge to write 22 books and win the J.G. Taylor Spink Award.

The Shot Heard ‘Round The World

Happy 86th Birthday, Willie Mays! May 6, 2020

Pre-Modern Era