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Nationals Overnight Camp

Overnight Camp Details

In an effort to focus our attention towards revising programming and policies for our day camps, we have decided to cancel Nationals Baseball Overnight Camp for 2020. We look forward to bringing back this experience for Summer 2021!

Nationals Overnight Experience

From the moment your ballplayer arrives, our staff will simulate a major league experience. Your ballplayer's belongings will be taken to their room where their official Nationals uniform will be hanging up - just as the big leaguers do when they step onto the field under the lights, in front of thousands of fans.

Sporting the Nationals emblem on their chest, ballplayers will head to the fields to find out which Minor League team (age-appropriate) they have just become a part of and what teammates they'll be competing alongside for the experience of a lifetime that lies ahead.

To keep our ballplayers excited and engaged in play, our coaches implement modified games to speed up the time between pitches and put your ballplayers in fast-paced situations to amplify ballplayer's skills and stimulate their baseball minds. Full nine-inning games of baseball are always the cherry on top of each day, allowing each ballplayer to lace up his or her cleats and translate the skills acquired from drills and modified games to a traditional, live game setting.

We are excited to use the game of baseball and the mutual love for the Nationals as the foundation of our Nationals Baseball Overnight Camp to play a small, but valuable role in helping your ballplayer achieve success so they can be the absolute best version of their future selves! If you have any specific questions about the accommodations or experience, please do not hesitate to call us at 202-715-6683.

Washington Nationals Bag Policy

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Nationals Park except as otherwise provided in the Nationals Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags and details about the Binbox storage option please click the Read More button below.