Meet Ryan McKenna ... or is that Tony Stark?

'Mini Macks' dishes on celebrity look-alike, favorite meal, best baseball memory and more to

February 23rd, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. -- The future is the theme of Orioles Spring Training this year, with nearly half of the club’s top prospects in camp with the team. That’s a lot of fresh faces, many of whom should arrive in Baltimore before long.

Each week, will sit down for a personality-themed Q&A session with one of the club’s top prospects. Last week, we grilled Adley Rutschman. In this next installment, let’s get to know :

Name: Ryan McKenna

Position: Outfield

Age: 23

MLB Pipeline ranking in 2019: Orioles' No.13

Drafted: 2015, 4th (133)

MLB ETA: 2020 Did you have a childhood nickname?

McKenna: I was in seventh grade when I played on my high school varsity baseball team. I had an older brother they called “Macks.” They called me “Mini Macks.” It stuck for a while. It was a hometown thing. What is your favorite food?

McKenna: Steak, potatoes and some veggies. That’s probably a classic go-to for me. What is your favorite color?

McKenna: Teal blue. I have it on right now. What were your favorite sports team growing up?

McKenna: The Patriots or the Red Sox, being a New England guy. Who is your favorite musical artist?

McKenna: Right now I’d say [country singer] Luke Combs. I just saw him perform in San Antonio and it was pretty awesome. Who is your favorite non-baseball athlete?

McKenna: [California State University San Marcos] golfer Claire Hogle. I’m a big fan. Who is your celebrity crush?

McKenna: She’s my celebrity crush, too. [Laughter] What is your favorite TV show?

McKenna: The Office or Friends. What is your favorite movie?

McKenna: Good Will Hunting. What is your favorite social media app?

McKenna: Instagram. Who is your celebrity look-alike?

McKenna: I think other people would probably be better at answering that than I can, but shot in the dark? Tony Stark (aka Robert Downey Jr.). But [fellow O’s prospect] Preston Palmerio looks more like him than me. What is your favorite off-field hobby?

McKenna: Puzzles and things like that. I can solve a Rubik's cube. We had a lot of time for travel so I was able to learn. What is your go-to vacation spot?

McKenna: Our family favorite was Disney World. Who was your childhood hero?

McKenna: My dad, Marty. Being a mentor, the man I wanted to become -- he encapsulated all those things. Who is your baseball role model?

McKenna: Derek Jeter and Mike Trout. Both go about the game the right way. Working hard and being good role models both on and off the field. Who is your favorite all-time Oriole?

McKenna: Mike Bordick. Keeping with the New England theme. He’s a great guy, and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well the past couple years. Who were your favorite players growing up?

McKenna: Either Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz. Big Papi was so clutch in the postseason in 2004. Manny had such a great swing, I would mimic him in front of the TV when I was younger. The barrel confidence he had and the execution was incredible. What is your favorite minor league city (so far)?

McKenna: Columbia, South Carolina. [Home of the Fireflies, the Mets’ Class A affiliate.] That was one of the nicest stadiums I’ve ever been to. We played Tim Tebow there. What is the best meal you can cook?

McKenna: Nice salmon with some lemon and asparagus with some spice. I try to keep it on that healthy path, but I also try to get some flavor in there too. What is your best baseball memory?

McKenna: Either getting drafted or helping bring the first state championship to Maine. I was nine at the time, or maybe even younger, and we won the first state championship for Maine as Little Leaguers. It was a Cal Ripken [travel] league, and we won the state championship then came in third in the regionals. It was really -- genuinely -- super, super fun.