Meet 'Rutsch': Prospect talks food, music, crush

Rutschman's likes include breakfast, Eric Church, Emily Ratajkowski

February 16th, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. -- The future is the theme of Orioles Spring Training, with nearly half of the club’s top prospects in camp with the team. That’s a lot of fresh faces, many of whom should arrive in Baltimore before long.

Each week, will sit down for a personality-themed Q&A with one of Baltimore’s up-and-comers. In this initial installment, get to know 2019’s No.1 overall MLB Draft pick :

Name: Adley Rutschman

Position: Catcher

Age: 22

MLB Pipeline ranking: Orioles’ No. 1 (No. 4 overall)

Drafted: 2019, 1st (1)

MLB ETA: 2021 Did you have a childhood nickname?

Adley Rutschman: My childhood nickname was always “Rutsch.” When I was smaller, I was “Little Rutsch,” because my dad was “Rutsch” as well. Some people at school called me “Adds.” What is your favorite food?

Rutschman: Last meal on Earth? I’m a big BBQ guy. Ribs. Ribs are big. Food comes easy to me. I can eat burgers for days. Burgers and pizza. What is the best meal you can cook?

Rutschman: I’m a connoisseur of breakfast. If I’m cooking for myself, it’s going to be some sort of scramble, omelet, bacon, hash browns, biscuits and gravy ... with a side of fruit. I’d also toss in French toast and pancakes, if I can eat all of it. We’re going to have to go small portions of each. I just love every part of breakfast. What is your favorite color?

Rutschman: Sky blue. I enjoy the color. It reminds me of summer days listening to country music. What were your favorite sports teams growing up?

Rutschman: When I was really young it was the Yankees, because [fellow Oregon native] played for them and he was my dad’s good buddy. Then it was the Cardinals for a little bit. As I got older, it was the Mariners because they were the [closest to a] local team. Who is your favorite musical artist?

Rutschman: Current? Eric Church. All-time? Eric Church. He’s the man. Who is your favorite non-baseball athlete?

Rutschman: Russell Wilson. What is your favorite movie?

Rutschman: “[The] Shawshank Redemption” is my favorite all-time movie. I’m a big movie guy. What is your favorite social media app?

Rutschman: Instagram. Who is your celebrity crush?

Rutschman: Emily Ratajkowski. What is your favorite off-field hobby?

Rutschman: Golf. What is your go-to vacation spot?

Rutschman: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, or Maui. Who was your childhood hero?

Rutschman: My grandfather [legendary Oregon-area football and baseball coach], Ad Rutschman. Who is your baseball role model?

Rutschman: Albert Pujols. What is your best baseball memory?

Rutschman: Winning the 2018 National Championship during my sophomore year at Oregon State. Who is your favorite all-time Oriole?

Rutschman: Cal Ripken Jr. What is your favorite Minor League city (so far)?

Rutschman: Burlington, Vt. I also liked Aberdeen a lot. Do you have any superstitions?

Rutschman: I’m big [on] doing what worked [the] last time. If I get a hit, and I put my right batting glove on first, I have to put my right batting glove on first again. If I’m batting left-handed, I’ll put my right batting glove on first. If I am batting right-handed, I’ll put my left batting glove on first.