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Yankees unveil stadium upgrades, new food

Ballpark menu offers something for every fan attending a game
April 4, 2017

NEW YORK -- The 2017 season is underway for the Yankees, who not only have a new-look team but an improved fan experience in the form of many stadium enhancements and a new dining menu for everyone.The club held its What's New at Yankee Stadium event for media before the

NEW YORK -- The 2017 season is underway for the Yankees, who not only have a new-look team but an improved fan experience in the form of many stadium enhancements and a new dining menu for everyone.
The club held its What's New at Yankee Stadium event for media before the season. Highlights included a new children's area; a center-field expansion where gathering spaces replace many obstructed-view seats; new Budweiser Party Decks; an additional 200,000 tickets in 2017 all priced at $15 or less; phone charging stations galore; new food items; and much more.

"We're excited for a new team, a new fresh look, very excited for the team to play strong throughout the year," said Kevin Dart, the Yankees' vice president of ticket sales, services and operations. "We're also offering a good opportunity for fans to get out to the ballpark. We have some good sightlines and experiences here for all generations of fans, people who still love the game and want to sit in their seat and take it in for the entire game, as well as offer opportunities for different generations of fans to enjoy the stadium and see all the opportunities for social spaces we have."

Key stadium enhancements include:
Sunrun Kids Clubhouse: Shaped like a mini baseball field with a soft, artificial surface, the 2,850-square-foot area is located on the 300 Level in right field and outfitted with Yankees-themed playground equipment, including oversized baseballs, bases and baseball cards, a 6-foot-high replica World Series trophy and interactive exhibits.
Masterpass Batter's Eye Deck: Located on the 200 Level in center field with a clear, sweeping view of the entire stadium, this has been expanded to 3,500 square feet and includes drink-rails overlooking the field. This outdoor gathering space will feature craft beers, cocktails and a large selection of food options.
Bullpen Terraces: The Frank's RedHot Terrace (overlooking the visitors' bullpen in left field) and the Toyota Terrace (overlooking the Yankees' bullpen in right field) are open-air social gathering areas on the 100 Level. Each terrace features its own specialty food and drink options. Drink-rail locations at the landings will have power/USB outlets. As a result of this reconfiguration, all obstructed-view seats in the bleachers have been removed.

Budweiser Party Decks: Located in Sections 311 and 328, Budweiser Party Decks feature shaded stand-alone bar areas serving beer, cocktails and food. Drink-rail and barstool seating provides fans a relaxed and casual setting from which to enjoy sweeping views of the field and game action.
AT&T Sports Lounge: This new lounge, featuring DirecTV service at Section 134 on the Field Level, includes a full bar with craft beers and cocktails. Tables, stools and large-screen televisions tuned to the Yankees' broadcast and other live sporting events provide a sports bar atmosphere on the main outdoor concourse beyond the left-field foul pole. Additionally, power/USB outlets are available for charging phones or tablets.

"It's incredibly special to do what we do here," said Doug Behar, the Yankees' senior vice president of stadium operations. "We understand the significance and impact the building has, and we're very careful to make those decisions. ... We listened to our fans, we interviewed our fans, both formally and informally, we heard what they said, we put a lot of thought and energy into it, and we're very proud of what we put out here today."
You can find the all-new food menu, with photos, at newly launched From the heartiest meat eaters to the gluten-free and vegetarian diners, there is something for everyone.

"Everything that's available in this room is available to every single fan that walks into this building," said Matt Gibson, Yankee Stadium's senior executive chef. "It's not tucked behind a secret entryway and there are no entry fees other than walking into the stadium. Every fan can enjoy it."
For those who like to socialize around the ballpark, the Yankees are introducing the Pinstripe Pass, which will get you into the building as well as provide you a beverage. They have $10 grandstand tickets, too.
It's a team with a new look. It's a ballpark with one, too.

"Opening Day is very exciting for us," Behar said, standing at a window in the Audi Yankees Club up in the left-field area, looking out at a rain-soaked field as groundskeepers worked toward Monday's big day. "It's always a special place. It's Yankee Stadium. We think there's no better place for it. We're happy to have these improvements. Weather looks good for Monday, and we're sure that it will be a fun day."

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