Contribution Requests

The New York Yankees Community Relations Department is committed to promoting and sustaining cordial and cooperative relationships with their neighbors and community partners; working in conjunction with them to enhance the quality of life throughout the surrounding communities.

To request support from the Yankees you must:

  1. Submit requests in writing on official organizational letterhead and must include:

    • Organization's Mission
    • Date of the event
    • An event description
    • Current representative's contact information
  2. Submit a copy of your 501 (c)(3) Validation

  3. Requests for support must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance.

Letters of request can be submitted to the Community Relations Department via one of the following ways:

Community Relations
Yankee Stadium
One East 161st Street
Bronx, NY 10451

[email protected]

We look forward to reviewing your request.


The New York Yankees Community Relations Department