Yankee Stadium Team Members

From the instant Guests arrive at Yankee Stadium to the moment they leave, a variety of Yankee Stadium Team Members* works in conjunction to make each and every Guest's experience as enjoyable, meaningful and memorable as possible.


Identifiable by their "How May I Help You" signs, ambassadors assist Guests with navigating the Stadium and provide event-specific information and assistance. Ambassadors are available at locations in and around the Stadium.

Maintenance Team Members

The cleaning staff helps ensure that Yankee Stadium is maintained year-round. Members of the cleaning staff are available during all games and events to address housekeeping and maintenance concerns.

Medical Personnel

Emergency medical personnel are at the Stadium first-aid locations during all games and public events to assist Guests with medical situations. Roving medical personnel are also available throughout the Stadium to help Guests.

Premium Concierge Staff

Premium Concierge Team Members direct and escort Guests within the premium locations throughout the Stadium. Premium Concierge Team Members also assist Guests in accessing the amenities offered to them as premium ticket licensees as well as provide basic concierge services.

Retail Associates and Concessionaires

Retail associates and concessionaires of Legends Hospitality, the exclusive provider of concessions, catering, fine dining and merchandising at the Stadium, provide Guests with quality food and merchandise and exceptional customer service.


In addition to helping Guests navigate the Stadium and answering event-specific inquiries, security is responsible for enforcing Stadium policies and safety procedures, assisting with crowd control and addressing situations concerning disruptive Guests.

Ticket Takers

Ticket takers are positioned at Stadium gates to greet Guests, ensure the proper scanning of tickets and monitor areas to make sure Guests do not enter the Stadium without a ticket.

*Please note that Yankee Stadium Team Members are not necessarily employees of the Yankees. All those who work in the Stadium and provide services to Guests are referred to as "Team Members" even though they may not be employed by the Yankees.