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Yankees Magazine

Yankees Magazine: Alter Ego

Mellow-minded Yankees prospect Mike King is a monster on the mound
February 17, 2020

The Upper Deck Baseball Academy is not the easiest place to find. Hidden in a secluded corporate park in Cumberland, Rhode Island, one has to weave around a fleet of school buses and tractor trailers to find the 8,900-square-foot facility, which is tucked away on the second floor of a

Yankees Magazine: Paving the Way

After a long and storied career in sports and academia, Gene Budig has poured his considerable experience into ensuring the New Era Pinstripe Bowl’s success
January 7, 2020

On the walls hang his heroes. There’s an illustration of Ted Williams, a portrait of Yogi Berra, an image of George Brett showing him how to sign autographs. There are frames holding his three college degrees, one atop the other, and one showcasing the building at the University of Kansas

Yankees Magazine: For Love of the Game

Kevin Costner’s 1999 film remains an authentic portrait of Yankee Stadium, baseball and its fans
November 7, 2019

The pinstriped fans heckle, and the atmosphere grows ever more raucous. As Billy Chapel aims to spin perfection in the Bronx in the final game of the season, a die-hard loudmouth, holding a bag of peanuts, shouts at him from the Yankee Stadium seats: “I’m going to stick a fork

Yankees Magazine: Stick It to 'Em

Whether it was proving a former team wrong or turning the screws on a World Series opponent, Johnny Damon made his presence felt for the 2009 world champion Yankees
October 28, 2019

Johnny Damon has done something few people have been able to pull off: He has remained an icon in Boston even though he signed with the Yankees and became a World Series hero in New York. After a four-year stint with the Red Sox and postseason heroics that brought a

Yankees Magazine: Bard's Tale

Leaning on his experience in a wide variety of roles, bench coach Josh Bard has been a key contributor to the Yankees’ recent success
October 16, 2019

Josh Bard has two objectives when he goes to work each day. The first is to support his manager. The second, which reinforces the first, is to take as much off his manager’s plate as possible. That’s the role of the bench coach, he says determinedly, and it’s especially true

Yankees Magazine: Continuing with a Bang

Brett Gardner might seem different this year, but his teammates say this is the fiery, passionate, mischievous leader they’ve always known
October 8, 2019

With piercing eyes and a scalp shorn to the skin, there is an unassuming ninja on the prowl at 161st Street. Teammates proceed with caution in his company; drop your guard, and you can easily become his next victim. “You better keep your head on a swivel,” he warns, and

Whatever his role, Sabathia’s LegaCCy is set

CC Sabathia is at peace with his decision to walk away from baseball. Replacing him -- on and off the field -- will be another matter entirely
October 3, 2019

Oh, the places you’ll go!” says Dr. Seuss, in what is undoubtedly the most popular graduation gift in history. Parents, grandparents, friends, whoever, drop a copy at the feet of anyone moving on from -- but really on to -- anything, and there’s something charming about the text’s fantasy, its

Yankees Magazine: When Pedigree Meets Opportunity

As the Yankees came down the home stretch in 2019, they were right where they expected to be. The horses that got them there, no one saw coming
September 30, 2019

Across 10 1/2 innings of baseball against the Oakland A’s on the final day of August, the Yankees had collected just five hits. Cory Gearrin, acquired off waivers eight days earlier and pitching for his fifth team in two seasons, tossed a scoreless 10th and 11th for New York, keeping

Yankees Magazine: Anatomy of a Doubleheader

A behind-the-scenes look at a long day at the office
September 17, 2019

At 10:21 a.m., Chance Adams walks into the center of the Yankees clubhouse and pauses, looking for a place to drop the navy duffel bag that hangs off his shoulder. He doesn’t search very long. Equipment manager Rob Cucuzza walks out of his office, shakes Adams’ hand and then points

Yankees Magazine: Never Forgotten

After seeing the way New Yorkers responded to 9/11, Bernie Williams knew that he’d never leave New York
September 10, 2019

Bernie Williams had often wondered about the woman from the armory. In the years since his retirement from baseball, whenever someone would ask him about his most memorable moment in pinstripes, the former center fielder would instinctively flash back to 2001. The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 opened many eyes

Yankees Magazine: Expect the Unexpected

Domingo German’s rise to the top of New York’s rotation has surprised everyone but himself
September 6, 2019

Domingo Germán loves horses. He has since he was 14. His late uncle cared for the animals and other livestock on a ranch in Alejandro Bass outside of San Pedro de Macorís in the Dominican Republic. There, German assisted his uncle, looking after the horses and riding them around the

Yankees Magazine: What If?

It’s not a stretch to wonder how America’s two most beloved sports -- baseball and football -- might look today had George Halas’s Yankees career turned out differently
September 4, 2019

On a warm summer evening in Chicago, with the sun about an hour from setting, hundreds of runners, walkers and bike riders were taking advantage of the remaining daylight. On a pathway that winds through the city along the Chicago River and then splits at the mouth of Lake Michigan,

Yankees Magazine: The Show before The Show

On the ‘set’ of the YES Network program Homegrown, Deivi Garcia proves that he’s ready for his close-up
September 2, 2019

The most sought-after piece of merchandise in the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders clubhouse features the logo of the television show Homegrown: The Path to Pinstripes. It makes some sense when you consider how many different uniforms the RailRiders wear (on this weekend alone, they’ll dress in different jerseys for each of

Yankees Magazine: Quick with a Smile

First-round pick Anthony Volpe couldn’t be more excited -- or grateful -- to begin his Yankees career
August 19, 2019

Anthony Volpe was on top of the world. In one whirlwind week at the beginning of June, everything he had worked his entire life for came to fruition. He and his best friends had delivered on their promise to each other and won a state championship in baseball as seniors.

Yankees Magazine: The G.O.A.T.

The Hall of Fame's induction weekend provided ample opportunity to reflect on the greatness of Mariano Rivera
August 17, 2019

The last time Mariano Rivera was in Cooperstown, he was one of the only visitors in the normally quiet upstate New York town. It was the dead of winter, and even by Northeast standards, it was unseasonably cold. Zero degrees to be exact. In the half year between Rivera’s official

Yankees Magazine: Known Unknown

You may not have seen DJ LeMahieu coming, but whose fault is that?
August 15, 2019

As the National League All-Stars settle into their assigned seats for their media availability -- a cacophonous cattle call that still blessedly lacks the pure nonsense of the NFL’s Super Bowl Media Day -- the Colorado Rockies contingent sits bracing for the inevitable. Charlie Blackmon, going through the routine for

Yankees Magazine: Legend of the Susquehanna

Mike Mussina’s baseball journey is an inspiration to any Northeast kid with a Wiffle ball and a dream
August 12, 2019

Precisely 24 hours before the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s 80th induction ceremony, sportswriters and photojournalists from all over the western hemisphere gathered inside the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, New York, for their first look at the Class of 2019. As Harold Baines, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera

Yankees Magazine: Trip of a Lifetime

The Yankees’ sojourn in London yielded two wins over Boston and much more
August 5, 2019

History was about to be made, and everyone in London, it seemed, was excited about it. Fans had arrived from all over the globe, and on the main thoroughfare that connects London’s Heathrow Airport to the city’s financial district, there were several large signs promoting the first regular-season Major League

Yankees Magazine: Munson's legacy lives on

The oral accounts, not the tangible shrines, best foster memories of Thurman Munson
August 1, 2019

Canton, Ohio, is a city practically built on immortality. Rolling south down I-77, your first glimpse that you might be somewhere comes from the power lines suspended over the highway, supported by towers in the shape and iconic yellow of football goalposts. To your right, there’s the temple to the

Yankees Magazine: Rocket Relaunch

Roger Clemens recalls his tenure in pinstripes
July 25, 2019

It has probably been a while since you’ve heard much from Roger Clemens. Since pitching his final big league game in 2007, the 354-game winner has maintained a relatively private existence in his hometown of Houston. But on his first visit to the current Yankee Stadium, the seven-time Cy Young

Yankees Magazine: A Moonshot for the Ages

Fifty years after Apollo 11 brought Yankee Stadium to a halt, baseball celebrates the lunar landing
July 19, 2019

In 1969, the Yankees retired Mickey Mantle’s No. 7, Thurman Munson made his big league debut, and Mel Stottlemyre won 20 games for the third and final time in his career. But with the team finishing fifth in the newly formed American League East division and missing the postseason for

Yankees Magazine: Closure

While touring the Hall of Fame, where his plaque will hang forever, Mariano Rivera reflected on his incredible baseball journey
July 17, 2019

As the traffic light at the corner of Main Street and Chestnut Street in Cooperstown, New York, turned from red to green and back again, the quiet intersection remained devoid of traffic for five, 10, 15 minutes. On this Thursday night in upstate New York where two couples were having

Yankees Magazine: Excelsior

The injury that delayed the start of Sir Didi’s season could not deter his never-ending quest to be the best
July 12, 2019

Aaron Boone just walked away, the winner by default. The Yankees’ manager controls the lineup card, and as such, he gets the last word. Or, in the case of this Cleveland evening, the last silent power move. It’s fun but perhaps clichéd to discuss all that Didi Gregorius can do.

Yankees Magazine: There's Something About Gio

Coveted by the Yankees for years, Gio Urshela is exceeding all expectations
July 10, 2019

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone understand that it is impossible to win every game, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Embodying that organizational mindset, every move that the front office makes is geared toward bringing home a 28th World Series title. It goes without saying

Yankees Magazine: Steady Brilliance

The toughest of breaks couldn’t halt the unstoppable 1939 Yankees
July 4, 2019

Aside from the horde of Japanese beetles terrorizing the ballplayers, it was a picture-perfect July day at Yankee Stadium. The red, white and blue bunting was swaying in the breeze, and baseball royalty -- Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker, Walter Johnson and Pete Alexander -- sat in box seats among the