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Yankees Magazine

Yankees Magazine: Well-Seasoned

After more than a decade in pinstripes, Brett Gardner has earned every bit of his stellar reputation
May 21, 2019

A few days before Opening Day, a veteran journalist asked Aaron Boone what a reasonable expectation for Brett Gardner could be in 2019. The Yankees manager paused for a second, and then -- in a tone both confident and defiant -- answered the question. “A really good player,” Boone said.

Yankees Magazine: Stay Hungry

Gleyber Torres has enjoyed his first taste of the big leagues -- now he wants more
May 16, 2019

At 6 p.m. on the nose, Gleyber Torres and his wife, Elizabeth, took their seats next to each other in a booth at Charley’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida. Torres, wearing a light blue untucked dress shirt and a pair of jeans, quickly put his arm around Elizabeth. As they

Yankees Magazine: No Excuses

Gary Sanchez has plenty of defenders, but don’t expect the Yankees’ catcher to join the chorus
May 15, 2019

It is a game measured in failure and redemption, in inches and percentages, in luck and adjustments. It drowns in numbers and analytics. But baseball is also rife with poetry. So much of the best sportswriting has focused on the boys of summer -- certainly including The Boys of Summer

Yankees Magazine: A New York State of Mind

Adam Ottavino grew up in Brooklyn dreaming of pitching in the Bronx. Now he gets his shot
May 8, 2019

The offseason was still in its infancy when a family’s dream suddenly had a chance of coming true. Eve, a teacher at Public School 39 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for the past 25 years, had just gotten out of her final class of the day when her son rang one

Yankees Magazine: Whatever it Took

A selfless, focused and resilient team, the 1999 Yankees formed the nucleus of a dynasty
May 5, 2019

Every championship team has its own story. For the 1999 Yankees, that tale had as much to do with the teams that preceded and followed them as anything they did themselves. The 1998 club set what was then an American League record with 114 victories, rattling off 11 more in

Yankees Magazine: Style All Their Own

New mores and old habits help determine which gear Yankees players choose
May 3, 2019

The long wait was finally over. The offseason months spent daydreaming about baseball, the practice sessions to get ready for this moment -- those were all in the past. Opening Day had arrived, and the excitement was undeniable. Young ballplayers in their fresh-pressed uniforms giddily admired each other’s shiny new

Yankees Magazine: Something More to Give

Aaron Judge is living out his dream. Playing baseball is only the beginning
April 26, 2019

It was mid-September of last year, and the Yankees were in need of a jolt. They had just completed a disappointing 4-5 road trip by losing two out of three in Minnesota, leaving them 10 games out of first place in the American League East with 16 games to play.

Yankees Magazine: Feel it Still

The only 2009 champs still in pinstripes, CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner reflect on that magical run -- and envision a return to glory
April 16, 2019

CC Sabathia is 38 years old, and Brett Gardner is 35. They’ve seen things in their baseball lives, but nothing that can compare to the experience they shared a decade ago. For Gardner, it was the beginning of the road, his first full season in the Major Leagues. Sabathia, meanwhile,

Yankees Magazine: Tyler and the Miracles

Pitching professionally is always a long shot, but Tyler Johnson’s young career is even more of a fantasy
April 12, 2019

Perhaps it was all just a fever dream, the kind that can be pleasant or mysterious, that can confuse and delight. Maybe that’s what Bethanne Johnson was struggling to summon from the jumbled fog of memory, as she pieced together years and months that culminated in a single afternoon last

Yankees Magazine: Good Times

It doesn’t take much to get Nick Swisher excited, but memories of 2009 still give him goosebumps
April 9, 2019

You’ll have to forgive Nick Swisher for being excited. It’s just that … he’s Nick Swisher. He doesn’t know any other way. The former big leaguer can probably mount a passionate, bro-heavy tirade about the relative benefits of 93-octane gasoline compared to 87. At least in this case, he’s going

Yankees Magazine: From On Field to On Air

Some former big leaguers find a second calling in the Yankees’ broadcast booth
April 6, 2019

John Flaherty figured he was being diligent when he showed up at work with a binder stuffed with notes. There was no such thing as too much preparation during his 14 seasons as a big league catcher. Pitchers’ meetings, hitters’ meetings, scouting reports, signs -- he had to know everything

Yankees Magazine: Road to Redemption

For Troy Tulowitzki, putting on the pinstripes carries special meaning
March 29, 2019

It's midmorning in Henderson, Nevada, a quiet suburban town less than 20 miles from Las Vegas. Troy Tulowitzki's day will include a long workout, but to this point, his time has been spent with his wife, Danyll, and their 5-year-old son, Taz. Following his tenure as one of the game's

Yankees Magazine: Super Two

In Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres, the Yankees have a special pair of infielders
March 28, 2019

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, Gleyber Torres and the Yankees were down to their last strike. A base hit past the infield in this fourth game of the 2018 American League Division Series would likely drive in the tying run. A home run would send

Yankees Magazine: Let It Be

Clint Frazier wants to win and be great and have fun. So what's everyone's problem?
March 25, 2019

Clint Frazier believes that the whole perception of him would be different if his hair were dark brown instead of fire red. Smiling while discussing the list of things in his short career that have rubbed people the wrong way, he says, answering an admittedly leading question, “If I had

Yankees Magazine: Ready for Anything

Dependable, durable and versatile, Dellin Betances is prepared to handle whatever comes his way
March 8, 2019

Dellin Betances is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Before he put together a string of four All-Star seasons, the relief pitcher struggled to advance through the Minors and received harsh treatment from the first big league batters he faced. So when he lost his way during the second half of

Yankees Magazine: The Road Taken

His entire life, Luke Voit has sought and seized opportunity, and that has made all the difference
March 7, 2019

There is a hole in the fence at Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Missouri, one that limber, slight young ballplayers have been squeezing through for years. Xanadu -- or at least the Lancers’ baseball field -- lies on the other side, the place to go for a few extra swings

Yankees Magazine: Head of the Class

Even among baseball's all-time greats, Mariano Rivera stands alone
February 5, 2019

In the ballroom on the 20th floor of Manhattan's St. Regis Hotel, reporters hastily jotted down notes and fired off tweets as Jeff Idelson, the president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, introduced the newest recipients of baseball's highest honor."Over 18 seasons with the Mariners, Edgar batted

Yankees Magazine: Icebreaker

Once you get to know James Paxton, you can't help but feel optimistic about the newest Yankees left-hander
January 30, 2019

It's not your fault if you weren't paying attention. You're a contributing member of society, with things to do in the morning. You can stay up late all you want, but your kids are still going to come racing into your bedroom at first light, and your boss never appreciates

Yankees Magazine: A Year in the Life

As he prepares for his second season running the Yankees, Aaron Boone is eager to build on an impressive -- but ultimately frustrating -- debut
January 7, 2019

You'll forgive Yankees fans for being a bit perplexed. Recent years have seen objectively remarkable debuts. Gary Sanchez nearly won AL Rookie of the Year honors in 2016 despite playing just 53 games. The year before that, outstanding curtain-raising efforts from Luis Severino and Greg Bird had fans pinching themselves.

Yankees Magazine: Mow 'Em Down

Whether unleashing a well-placed two-seamer or a witty one-liner, Whitey Ford could dominate friends and foes alike
December 20, 2018

The night before his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974, Whitey Ford went up to his hotel room early. Even the man they called "The Chairman of the Board," who had leaned on his famous cool and his easy swagger to thrive in the cauldron of

Yankees Magazine: A Dream Deferred

Forced to give up his first love in high school, first baseman Luke Voit has found a home in the same place where his brother once lived out their college football fantasies -- Yankee Stadium
December 19, 2018

There is a violence inherent to football. The sport triggers the primal instinct that lives within many, giving that urge permission to emerge. Hard collisions. Devastating hits. The gridiron is rage incarnate, and the full-bodied emotion can be terrifying. But that was the part Luke Voit loved most.Voit is not

Yankees Magazine: Rookies Of The Years

As Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar vie for 2018 honors, we examine the Yankees' previous award winners and contenders
November 8, 2018

In 1940, the Chicago chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America decided to honor the owner of the White Sox by bestowing the J. Louis Comiskey Memorial Award upon the top rookie in the Majors. This practice continued for seven years, with four National Leaguers and three American Leaguers

Yankees Magazine: Home Sweet Home Away From Home

On Nov. 17, Notre Dame and Syracuse will renew their rivalry in a familiar setting
October 31, 2018

On a steamy and hot day in upstate New York, the Syracuse Orange football team has just concluded its afternoon practice. Training camp is in full swing for Dino Babers' squad, which won four games in each of his first two seasons as head coach.A few minutes after the workout,

Yankees Magazine: Icing on the Cake

With a huge October, Scott Brosius helped cement the 1998 Yankees' place in baseball history
October 23, 2018

To this day, Scott Brosius insists that you could choose any player on the 1998 Yankees who was just as, if not more, deserving of the World Series MVP Award than he was.Nevertheless, Brosius walked away with the hardware after a Fall Classic -- and, in fact, an entire season

Yankees Magazine: Split Personality

For five successful seasons, Masahiro Tanaka has balanced impeccable command and a fiery competitiveness on the field with a playful, positive attitude off it
October 12, 2018

On the days he starts, Masahiro Tanaka leans back in his chair in the spacious Yankees clubhouse. His legs are tilted straight up at an angle to the floor, feet perched flat against the glass partition that separates one locker from the next. Or, in Tanaka's case, the glass offering