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Yankees Magazine: Known Unknown

You may not have seen DJ LeMahieu coming, but whose fault is that?
August 15, 2019

As the National League All-Stars settle into their assigned seats for their media availability -- a cacophonous cattle call that still blessedly lacks the pure nonsense of the NFL’s Super Bowl Media Day -- the Colorado Rockies contingent sits bracing for the inevitable. Charlie Blackmon, going through the routine for

Yankees Magazine: Legend of the Susquehanna

Mike Mussina’s baseball journey is an inspiration to any Northeast kid with a Wiffle ball and a dream
August 12, 2019

Precisely 24 hours before the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s 80th induction ceremony, sportswriters and photojournalists from all over the western hemisphere gathered inside the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, New York, for their first look at the Class of 2019. As Harold Baines, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera

Yankees Magazine: Trip of a Lifetime

The Yankees’ sojourn in London yielded two wins over Boston and much more
August 5, 2019

History was about to be made, and everyone in London, it seemed, was excited about it. Fans had arrived from all over the globe, and on the main thoroughfare that connects London’s Heathrow Airport to the city’s financial district, there were several large signs promoting the first regular-season Major League

Yankees Magazine: Munson's legacy lives on

The oral accounts, not the tangible shrines, best foster memories of Thurman Munson
August 1, 2019

Canton, Ohio, is a city practically built on immortality. Rolling south down I-77, your first glimpse that you might be somewhere comes from the power lines suspended over the highway, supported by towers in the shape and iconic yellow of football goalposts. To your right, there’s the temple to the

Yankees Magazine: Rocket Relaunch

Roger Clemens recalls his tenure in pinstripes
July 25, 2019

It has probably been a while since you’ve heard much from Roger Clemens. Since pitching his final big league game in 2007, the 354-game winner has maintained a relatively private existence in his hometown of Houston. But on his first visit to the current Yankee Stadium, the seven-time Cy Young

Yankees Magazine: A Moonshot for the Ages

Fifty years after Apollo 11 brought Yankee Stadium to a halt, baseball celebrates the lunar landing
July 19, 2019

In 1969, the Yankees retired Mickey Mantle’s No. 7, Thurman Munson made his big league debut, and Mel Stottlemyre won 20 games for the third and final time in his career. But with the team finishing fifth in the newly formed American League East division and missing the postseason for

Yankees Magazine: Closure

While touring the Hall of Fame, where his plaque will hang forever, Mariano Rivera reflected on his incredible baseball journey
July 17, 2019

As the traffic light at the corner of Main Street and Chestnut Street in Cooperstown, New York, turned from red to green and back again, the quiet intersection remained devoid of traffic for five, 10, 15 minutes. On this Thursday night in upstate New York where two couples were having

Yankees Magazine: Excelsior

The injury that delayed the start of Sir Didi’s season could not deter his never-ending quest to be the best
July 12, 2019

Aaron Boone just walked away, the winner by default. The Yankees’ manager controls the lineup card, and as such, he gets the last word. Or, in the case of this Cleveland evening, the last silent power move. It’s fun but perhaps clichéd to discuss all that Didi Gregorius can do.

Yankees Magazine: There's Something About Gio

Coveted by the Yankees for years, Gio Urshela is exceeding all expectations
July 10, 2019

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone understand that it is impossible to win every game, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Embodying that organizational mindset, every move that the front office makes is geared toward bringing home a 28th World Series title. It goes without saying

Yankees Magazine: Steady Brilliance

The toughest of breaks couldn’t halt the unstoppable 1939 Yankees
July 4, 2019

Aside from the horde of Japanese beetles terrorizing the ballplayers, it was a picture-perfect July day at Yankee Stadium. The red, white and blue bunting was swaying in the breeze, and baseball royalty -- Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker, Walter Johnson and Pete Alexander -- sat in box seats among the

Yankees Magazine: Paying It Forward

Rehabbing Yanks make major impacts on Minor League assignments
July 3, 2019

Aaron Hicks was still a teenager when Joe Mauer strolled through the clubhouse. A member of the Twins organization at the time, Hicks was in his first year of pro baseball. Green as the outfield grass that he roamed, he was only beginning to understand his new life. So, who

Yankees Magazine: Bulldog Mentality

Masahiro Tanaka wants to be flawless. Even when he isn’t, he still gets the job done
June 28, 2019

A pitcher’s best weapon is not supposed to land 431 feet away, clearing the fence in straightaway center field. It’s not supposed to exit a hitter’s bat at 111.3 miles per hour, mimicking a speeding bullet. It’s not supposed to hang lifelessly in the middle of the plate, begging to

Yankees Magazine: Dream Chaser

Nothing will stop Jonathan Loaisiga from pursuing his destiny
June 27, 2019

Ex-ballplayers often recall their days in the Minor Leagues whimsically, smiling at the distant memories of long bus rides and teammates’ hijinks. For those currently in the Minors, though, the reality is that it’s a tough way to make a living. The dedication required and the meager salary that most

Yankees Magazine: The Greatest Lesson of All

The Little Leaguers he coaches now can learn a lot from Jason Giambi
June 25, 2019

Jason Giambi’s life these days is as far from what it was when he played for the Yankees as the distance between his home in Henderson, Nevada, and the old Yankee Stadium. He reached tremendous heights and faltered dramatically in his baseball career, but he wouldn’t change any aspect of

Yankees Magazine: The Pioneer

Jason Collins talks about the lessons and the joys of the past six years, as well as the hope for a more inclusive future.
June 25, 2019

Culturally, statistically and just practically, it was something that was bound to happen eventually. But when NBA player Jason Collins appeared on the May 6, 2013, cover of Sports Illustrated beside the headline “The Gay Athlete,” it was still a watershed moment. With his announcement, Collins became the first active

Yankees Magazine: The Powers That Be

Some things are out of Luke Voit’s control. Everything else, he crushes
June 14, 2019

There was a time when a surprise visit from a Rams running back would have gotten Luke Voit very excited. Growing up outside of St. Louis in Wildwood, Missouri, Voit spent his autumn Sundays consumed by Rams football. He was two weeks shy of his 9th birthday when future Hall

Yankees Magazine: Mr. Consistent

Once at a career crossroads, Austin Romine listened to his heart -- and took his career to the next level
June 10, 2019

Austin Romine is as engaging and kind as any player on the Yankees roster. He’s a team player in every sense of the term, and he’s always polite. Whether he’s dealing with one of the most important people in the game or someone with much less influence, treating them with

Yankees Magazine: Renaissance Man

CC Sabathia’s milestone strikeout was a testament to his reinvention
June 5, 2019

The ballpark was new, but the feat was oh so familiar for CC Sabathia. The 19-year veteran had never pitched at Chase Field before April 30. Yet it was then and there, in the Arizona heat, that Sabathia etched his name into baseball’s record books. Facing Diamondbacks No. 8 hitter

Yankees Magazine: No Place Like Home

The Yankees-Stonewall Scholars program is a bold step toward making sports -- and day-to-day life -- more inclusive
June 3, 2019

As the heart of the Yankees’ order prepared to bat in the top of the ninth inning on June 27, 1969, a game-changing miracle was still possible. Baseball allows -- indeed, practically fetishizes -- such last-second turnabout. America was about a month from landing two men on the moon. Miracles

Yankees Magazine: Player Developer

The life of a Minor League manager is rife with constructive lessons, conflicting objectives and coffee. Lots of coffee
May 28, 2019

The wind whips at full blast, turning the flags atop the scoreboards at Trenton’s Arm & Hammer Park into a nightmarish, cacophonous disaster. Standing on the outfield grass, Thunder players and coaches can only laugh as fielding coach Raul Dominguez sets up the apparatus to fire fly balls their way.

Yankees Magazine: Well-Seasoned

After more than a decade in pinstripes, Brett Gardner has earned every bit of his stellar reputation
May 21, 2019

A few days before Opening Day, a veteran journalist asked Aaron Boone what a reasonable expectation for Brett Gardner could be in 2019. The Yankees manager paused for a second, and then -- in a tone both confident and defiant -- answered the question. “A really good player,” Boone said.

Yankees Magazine: Stay Hungry

Gleyber Torres has enjoyed his first taste of the big leagues -- now he wants more
May 16, 2019

At 6 p.m. on the nose, Gleyber Torres and his wife, Elizabeth, took their seats next to each other in a booth at Charley’s Steak House in Tampa, Florida. Torres, wearing a light blue untucked dress shirt and a pair of jeans, quickly put his arm around Elizabeth. As they

Yankees Magazine: No Excuses

Gary Sanchez has plenty of defenders, but don’t expect the Yankees’ catcher to join the chorus
May 15, 2019

It is a game measured in failure and redemption, in inches and percentages, in luck and adjustments. It drowns in numbers and analytics. But baseball is also rife with poetry. So much of the best sportswriting has focused on the boys of summer -- certainly including The Boys of Summer

Yankees Magazine: A New York State of Mind

Adam Ottavino grew up in Brooklyn dreaming of pitching in the Bronx. Now he gets his shot
May 8, 2019

The offseason was still in its infancy when a family’s dream suddenly had a chance of coming true. Eve, a teacher at Public School 39 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for the past 25 years, had just gotten out of her final class of the day when her son rang one

Yankees Magazine: Whatever it Took

A selfless, focused and resilient team, the 1999 Yankees formed the nucleus of a dynasty
May 5, 2019

Every championship team has its own story. For the 1999 Yankees, that tale had as much to do with the teams that preceded and followed them as anything they did themselves. The 1998 club set what was then an American League record with 114 victories, rattling off 11 more in