The Renaissance Youth Center

The Yankees are a proud supporter of the Renaissance Youth Center and are honored to partner and dedicate resources to support their efforts focused on maintaining a safe and educational environment for the local Bronx Youth. The Renaissance Youth Center is committed to empowering at-risk youth, ages 4 to 21, in the South Bronx through year-round programs that teach the fundamentals of music, sports and education, and the broader tools needed to develop an enriching and fulfilled future. Each week, the Renaissance Youth Center serves as a safe haven for in excess of 3,600 local youth.

The Renaissance Youth Center
Publicolor Community Paint Project

Publicolor engages disconnected youth through a continuum of design-based programs and academic support. The objective of their team projects is to create beautiful, warm, welcoming, and student-centric environments. From August 8 – August 15, 2023, the Yankees teamed up with Publicolor to transform PS 443 in the Bronx with color. Through the consistent partnership of the New York Yankees Foundation and Publicolor since 2013, 11 public spaces throughout the Bronx have been transformed with color and design by students in Publicolor programs.

"First Pitch" Social Impact Art Competition

The New York Yankees and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) have partnered together in the creation of “First Pitch.” First Pitch is a social impact art competition made available to middle and high school aged Bronx youth, to identify local issues and develop youth-driven solutions to them. In April 2023, before and during a game at Yankee Stadium, twenty-three youth programs pitched before a live panel of judges, their social impact campaigns to combat issues related to homelessness, gun violence, lack of mental health supports, food insecurity, bullying and more. Teams then went on to activate their projects within Bronx communities. The three most impactful campaigns from LEAP Teller Strong, Claremont Neighborhood Centers and Kips Bay at MS 101 gained the opportunity in creating anti-violence murals. "Floating" mural reproductions were printed to tour programs across the City and tell the stories of the work done by these young people. Youth received expert guidance from Andre Trenier, local muralist behind most of the Yankee/baseball legend murals throughout the 161st Street corridor, in developing and activating their campaigns.

“First Pitch” Social Impact Art Competition

Learning through an Expanded Arts Program, Inc. (LeAp) is committed to countering illiteracy and improving the quality of public education for students through a unique, hands-on, arts-based approach to teaching the core curriculum. LeAp also implements an early childhood literacy program called Active Learning Leads to Literacy (ALLL) that is respectively endorsed by both the New York City and United States Departments of Education. ALLL provides in-school services for students to participate in sessions that enhance reading and writing skills, and workshops for parents to reinforce their children’s learning at home. LeAp’s programming reaches more than two million NYC students, K-12th grade. Through the consistent support of the New York Yankees Foundation and fundraising efforts, resources have been dedicated to enhancing these efforts.