Yankees honor All-Star students in Bronx public schools

May 23rd, 2024

NEW YORK -- The Yankees are second to none when it comes to rewarding students from the Bronx. For Thursday afternoon’s game against the Mariners, the team partnered with New York City Public Schools to host Bronx Education All-Star Day.

The event celebrated students’ academic excellence, community service and leadership. Before the game, there was an in-stadium program with Yankees outfielder , manager Aaron Boone and general manager Brian Cashman in attendance.

Judge said the students being honored took the first step toward being future leaders of the world.

“The choices that you make each day to study, help your classmates, teammates and friends … will help you achieve your dreams,” Judge told the students. “From today on, you believe in your power to make a difference in this world.”

During the game, students, teachers and representatives from NYC Public Schools were seated in the Judge’s Chambers. Bronx Education All-Star Day is designed to motivate and enhance the educational experience for fifth- through eighth-grade students attending Bronx-based schools in Districts 7-12.

This year’s program marks the fifth edition of the initiative.

“It’s amazing to shine a light on these kids that are standing out in their classroom. They are dominating in the academic field,” Cashman said. “They are obviously leading by example, and it’s great to honor them [in a stadium] that is arguably the greatest cathedral in sports. It’s awesome to host them.”

One of the many kids honored was Jake Mensah from the Eagle Academy for Young Men. He was recognized for community service.

“I really worked hard throughout the school year. I try my best to behave. I try to do all of that stuff. When I was selected, I was really happy, and so was my mom,” Mensah said. “[It’s important to get recognized for the things we do] because everybody has a voice. Everybody works hard. Everybody tried hard in their own way.”

The students saw first-hand what a leader is all about when Boone took the podium. He said being a leader isn’t always easy.

“It’s not always convenient. It’s not always about what’s easy and fun,” Boone said. “But sometimes, it ‘s about making hard decisions, and I know, even as young people, you guys have demonstrated an ability to make tough decisions. As a result, [you] make your communities a little bit better. I want to encourage you to shine your light in your communities and in your areas of influence.”