Brewers Cutout Crew

Cutout Crew Q & A

Q: I purchased a cutout for the 2020 season. When can expect to see my cutout on the website “cheering” on the Brew Crew from the ballpark?
A: From point of purchase, photos and names are logged, with the images sent to a local printer for production. Approximately 2-3 days later, the cutouts are delivered to the ballpark. Thereafter, staff installs the cutouts on the Terrace Level in/around the Bob Uecker statue in section 422. Once installed, the cutouts are photographed and loaded onto our website. Typically, from point of purchase to install, it takes approximately 10 business days to get the cutouts secured in the seats and ready to cheer on our Crew.

Q: I was not able to add the name of the “fan” when I purchased this as a gift. How do I get their name on the cutout?
A: The name of the “fan” is not printed on the cutout. The name of the individual who purchased the cutout is noted in the bottom left corner. This name is not visible on the website or during any television broadcast.

Q: I am unsure if the photo I submitted met the proper criterion. Will someone contact me?
A: If the photo that you submitted for the Cutout Crew did not meet the proper criterion, a representative will reach out to you with any corrections that need to be made. Please refer to the “guidelines” portion of this page.

Q: Will I receive a proof of my photo submission?
A: Guests who have purchased a cutout will not receive a cutout proof. If your submission did not meet the proper guidelines, a representative will contact you with updates to be made. You will, however, be able to view your cutout in its specific seat. All photos are uploaded to as they become available.

Q: Will my cutout be shown during a live Brewers broadcast?
A: There is no guarantee that your Cutout Crew image will be shown during a televised Brewers broadcast. All of the cutouts are placed on the Terrace Level of the ballpark, in/around Section 422 – the location of the Bob Uecker statue. The players can see the cutouts “cheering” from that level. As with video (whether on the scoreboard or on our broadcast) during games played in front of fans, the capturing of our cutouts on our broadcast is not guaranteed; and, when there is video, the shot is not choreographed in advance.

Q: Will I be able to collect my cutout at the conclusion of the 2020 season?
A: We will not be mailing cutouts via U.S. Mail. The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club is currently working on a tentative in-person distribution following the conclusion of the 2020 season. Please check the email inbox that you used for the purchase of your cutout in mid-late September.

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