Ed Sheeran at Miller Park

Reschedule FAQs

Why are you changing the date of the concert?

  • The change has been made by the Brewers and Messina Touring Group due to the load-in and setup time needed following the Brewers advancing to a Game 7 in the 2018 NLCS.

Is my ticket from the original date still valid?

  • Yes. Your original ticket is the ticket you will use to get into the concert on October 24, 2018. No action is necessary, the ticket you have is the ticket that will work.

Will refunds be available if I'm unable to make the October 24, 2018 date?

  • Yes. In order to receive your refund, click the refund link on your Ticketmaster order in My Account on your computer or mobile device (you won't see the link in your app) or by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-653-8000. However, exchanges and relocations are not available. For transferred tickets the refund goes to the fan who originally bought them, but you have to transfer the tickets back to them first! All refunds should post to your account in 7 - 10 business days.

Will you be reissuing tickets for the new date?

  • No. Your original ticket will work for the October 24, 2018 date. No action is necessary.

Can I change my seat for the new date?

  • No. Seat relocations are not available. The ticket you purchased for the original date translates directly to the October 24, 2018 concert date.

Does the new date change the support acts?

  • The supporting act LUAV is not available to perform on October 24; however, Snow Patrol has been confirmed to perform on October 24, 2018.

If I purchased parking, will that be honored for the new date?

  • For those that have bought parking in advance, your parking purchase will be honored for the October 24, 2018 date. There is no need to purchase or obtain a new parking pass.