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Please review the Busch Stadium security policies regarding which items are permitted to be brought in with you during your next Cardinals game.

In conjunction with a league-wide policy established by Major League Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals will inspect all items entering Busch Stadium.

Permitted Items

-Bags (not backpacks) - 16" x 16" x 8" or smaller - clear plastic carry bags are recommended

-Banners/Signs - must comply with stadium guidelines. See Banners/Signs in A-Z Guide on page 7

-Baseball bats - for autograph purposes only


-Cameras and video cameras that are not commercial in nature

-Diaper bags

-Fanny packs

-Food items

-Purses - small, clutch style are encouraged

-Seat cushions

-Soft sided coolers with no hard plastic liners

-Strollers that fold to fit under seats

-Umbrellas may be used during inclement weather

-Water/soda in clear plastic, factory sealed bottles, 2 liters or less

Exceptions may be made to the above list and are at the discretion of Busch Stadium Management and Event Staff Personnel.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include but are not limited to the following items:

-Aerosol cans

-Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beer

-Aluminum containers, glass bottles/items, metal cans, thermoses, and all outside cups and mugs

-Animals (with the exception of trained service animals for guests with disabilities)


-Bags larger than 16" x 16" x 8". Exceptions for diaper bags and other bags used for medical reasons may be granted

-Balloons, beach balls and other inflatables


-Chairs, stools, including bleacher seats with backs

-Commercial camera equipment, including video cameras, tripods and monopods


-Face paint, masks, and any other costume that covers the head/face

-Firearms/unopened knives larger than 4 inches/weapons of any kind


-Flag poles, PVC pipe and other poles


-Hard sided and Styrofoam coolers/hard plastic inserts for soft sided coolers

-Hover boards/skate boards/roller skates, roller blades

-Ice packs

-Illegal substances

-Laser pointers/lights


-Noisemakers of any kind, including, but not limited to air horns, cowbells, and Thunderstix

-Obscene, offensive, or indecent clothing

-Stun guns/tasers

-Wrapped packages