Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

Create your pumpkin with an original Mariners design, while showing off your team pride. Print out your very own Mariners pumpkin stencil to light up your Halloween festivities.

Kids: Make sure a parent or adult is helping you with this activity!

Carving Your Pumpkin

Be sure to use extreme care when working with sharp objects or flame. To carve your pumpkin, you can use a pumpkin-carving kit from your local grocery store. Or you can utilize common household items. 

Possible Carving Tools

  • Spoon or ice cream scoop
  • Serrated knife (use caution)
  • Pin or nail (use caution)
  • Paring knife (use caution)


  1. Cut a hole or lid in the top of your pumpkin and hollow it out using a spoon or ice cream scoop.
  2. Tape the stencil securely to your pumpkin.
  3. Using a nail, needle or toothpick, punch holes through the paper and the pumpkin, following the lines of the stencil. 
  4. Remove the stencil when finished.
  5. Under the supervision of a parent or guardian, cut along the dotted lines you have made with the pin, nail or toothpick.
  6. Light a small candle inside and replace the lid