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Mariners Reserved Memberships

Your seats, your games, your Mariners

A classic Season Ticket option. Reserved Season Tickets guarantee you know where you're sitting and which games you’re attending from the moment you purchase a plan.

Reserved Memberships are now on sale for the 2022 season! Not only does purchasing a Reserved Membership guarantee you priority access to the 2023 All-Star Week, but it guarantees your seats throughout the 2022 season for great Mariners baseball. Lock in your location and enjoy the view all year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens with my initial investment?
A: Your initial investment turns into account credit that you can use to purchase tickets at the discounted rate that corresponds to the level of your Flex Membership (e.g. Rookie = 10%, Pro = 15% etc.).

Q: Can I purchase parking in the Mariners Garage with my credit?
A: Yes. If available, Mariners Garage parking passes can be purchased using your credit. Pro, Veteran, MVP, Hall of Fame and Legend Memberships qualify for discounted parking in the Mariners Garage.

Q: Can credit be used to purchase Diamond Club and All-Star Club tickets?
A: MVP, Hall of Fame and Legend Memberships qualify for discounted All-Star Club tickets. All membership levels may purchase All-Star Club and Diamond Club tickets at the single-game rate (subject to availability).

Q: Are all seats available at a discount with a Flex Membership?
A. No, Premier Seats are not discounted and are available to purchase with credit at the full single game rate.

Q: How do I access my tickets?
A: All Mariners Flex Membership tickets are mobile only. For complete information on how to access your tickets via your mobile device, check out our Mobile Ticket page.

Q: How do I exchange tickets I've already purchased?
A: Mariners Flex Membership tickets can be exchanged online via your My Mariners Account. New in 2020, the credit you receive from exchanging your tickets can be applied toward single-game ticket purchases at a discounted Season Ticket rate when exchanged online. Season Ticket discounts are based off of dynamic single-game pricing, which is subject to change.

Q: Can I forward my tickets?
A: Yes. Mariners Flex Membership tickets are available to forward digitally. Complete information on how to forward your tickets digitally can be found on our Mobile Ticket page.

Q: Can I purchase more than eight (8) tickets to a game?
A: You are unable to purchase more than eight tickets to a game using your account credit.

Q: Can I add credit to my account once I run out?
A: Yes. You can add credit to your account at any time by calling your Mariners Representative. As a bonus, once your reach a new Membership level you will qualify for an increased ticket discount (e.g. If you are a Pro Member, adding enough credit to reach $2,400 will qualify you for Veteran Member level benefits and 20% ticket discount.).

Q: Can I use my account balance to purchase Mariners Suites or Group Event tickets?
A: No, your account balance cannot be used to purchase Mariners Suites, Group Event tickets or other special offer tickets.

Q: Can my account balance be used for postseason?
A: Your account balance cannot be used for the postseason. However, as a Mariners Flex Member, you do qualify for exclusive postseason presale opportunities. Depending on your membership level, you will have the opportunity to purchase full or partial postseason strips.

Q: If I don't use all of it, will my account balance roll over to next season?
A: No. All of your Mariners Flex Membership benefits must be used during the season for which a Flex Membership was purchased; account balances will not roll over to the following season.

Q: How do I view my account balance?
A: You can view your account balance in your My Mariners Account.

Q: Can I get printed tickets?
A: Mariners Flex Memberships are a mobile-only ticketing options with tickets available through the MLB Ballpark app and your My Mariners Account. For more information about mobile ticketing, visit our Mobile Ticket page.

Q: How do I get tickets to the 2023 All-Star Game?
A: Season Ticket Members will receive priority access to purchase tickets to All-Star Week events. Go to for more infomation on All-Star access.

Q: How many tickets do I get to All-Star Week events?
A: Your Season Ticket Member plan type determines the minimum number of full event strips you are eligible for. Locations will be determined by tenure and plan size with priority going to Full Season, Legend and Hall of Fame Memberships. Go to for more infomation on All-Star access.

Q: Can you guarantee I will be sitting in my normal ticket location for All-Star Week events at T-Mobile Park?
A: The All-Star Game and All-Star week events are a Major League Baseball production. Major League Baseball has specific ticket requirements, therefore we cannot guarantee every Seattle Mariners Season Ticket Member will have access to their normal seats for all ballpark events. Every effort will be made to keep Reserved Members as close to their normal seats as possible. Don't worry, we'll keep you in the same neighborhood! All-Star Week event seating will be based on tenure, current ticket location, and plan size/type. Mariners Season Ticket Members will be assigned All-Star Week event seating sometime in early 2023. Go to for more infomation on All-Star access.

*For information on purchasing tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, please visit If the Mariners determine, in their sole discretion, that any Season Ticket Account holder purchases any tickets for the primary purpose of reselling those tickets, the Season Ticket Account holder may be classified as a Ticket Broker. Ticket Brokers may not be eligible for certain Season Ticket Member benefits, pricing, and seat locations, including but not limited to Mariners Flex Memberships. The Mariners reserve the right to cancel and refund any 2021 Season Ticket Deposit made by anyone determined to be a Ticket Broker.

The terms and conditions of your ticket have been updated to address circumstances related to COVID-19, read them here. By purchasing a Seattle Mariners ticket, you accept all Terms and Conditions applicable to ticket purchase, including the updated terms.