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Franchise Club Firsts

Accomplishment Date
First game Shea Stadium 4/8/69
First home game Jarry Park 4/14/69
First hitter Maury Wills 4/8/69
First pitcher Jim "Mudcat" Grant 4/8/69
First hit Bob Bailey 4/8/69
First run Gary Sutherland 4/8/69
First walk Mack Jones 4/8/69
First steal Maury Wills 4/8/69 (first inning)
First home run Dan McGinn (solo shot in 3rd inning vs. Tom Seaver) 4/8/69
First grand slam Mack Jones (3rd inning vs. Jack Fisher) 5/10/69 vs. Cincinnati
Winning pitcher Don Shaw 4/8/69
First save Carroll Sembera 4/8/69
First shutout Bill Stoneman (no-hitter) 4/17/69 @ Philadelphia
First winning season 95-65 1979
First .500 month 15-15 July, 1970
First broadcasters Dave Van Horne & Russ Taylor CKGM

Washington Nationals Bag Policy

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