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Franchise Rare Feats


Name Opponent Date
Bill Stoneman @ Philadelphia 4/17/69
Bill Stoneman New York (N) 10/2/72
Charlie Lea San Francisco 5/10/81
Dennis Martinez @ Los Angeles (perfect game) 7/28/91
Max Scherzer Pittsburgh 6/20/15
Max Scherzer @ New York (N) 10/3/15

Hits for cycle

Name Opponent Date
Tim Foli @ Chicago (NL) 4/21-22/76
Chris Speier Atlanta 7/20/78
Tim Raines Pittsburgh 8/16/95
Rondell White @ San Francisco 6/11/1995
Brad Wilkerson Pittsburgh 6/24/2003
Vladimir Guerrero New York (NL) 9/14/2003
Trea Turner Colorado 4/25/2017
Trea Turner Colorado 7/23/2019

Triple Plays

Name Opponent Date
Bailey (1B) - Bailey-Wine (SS) St. Louis 6/25/69
Humphrey (C) - Bailey (3B) - Jorgensen (1B) - Foli (SS) Houston 6/3/72
Jorgensen (1B) - Boccabella (C) - Hunt (2B) - Foli (SS) San Diego 6/13/73
Foli (SS) - Mackanin (2B) - Morales (1B) Pittsburgh 9/7/75
Parrish (3B) - Scott (2B) - Cromartie (1B) St. Louis 8/12/80
Huson (SS) - Galaragga (1B) Chicago (NL) 9/27/89
Barberie (3B) - DeShields (2B) - Foley (1B) Cincinnati 9/8/91
Rueter (P) - Cordero (SS) Chicago (NL) 8/23/93
Berry (3B) - Lansing (2B) - Ready (1B) Florida 9/29/93
Stevens (1B) - Cabrera (SS) - Widger (C) Chicago (NL) 5/14/00
Schneider (C) - Cabrera (SS) Philadelphia 9/23/02

Six-hit games

Name Opponent Date
Rondell White @ San Francisco 6/11/95

Washington Nationals Bag Policy

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Nationals Park except as otherwise provided in the Nationals Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags and details about the Binbox storage option please click the Read More button below.