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Orioles announce Go Green initiatives

Today, on Earth Day, the Orioles have announced a series of "Go Green" initiatives for 2013. In partnership with the Maryland Stadium Authority, Delaware North Sportservice and the Maryland Transit Administration, the Orioles are working to make Oriole Park even more environmentally friendly.

Below are some of the Orioles' green initiatives that have been activated for this season:

Ballpark Operations:

  • Recycling: Oriole Park recycles over 600,000 pounds of materials each year.
  • Responsible Energy Use: Oriole Park utilizes energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures throughout the park.
  • Cleaning: Only green cleaning products are used to clean Oriole Park.
  • No Smoking: New in 2013, Oriole Park is a smoke-free facility.

Food Services:

  • Composting: A new composting program debuted this season and is a team effort between the Orioles, Delaware North and Maryland Stadium Authority. Dempsey's Brew Pub & Restaurant will practice composting year-round.
  • Cooking Oil Recycling: Nearly 5,000 gallons of cooking oil from Oriole Park are recycled into biodiesel annually.
  • Eco-friendly Supplies: The Orioles and Delaware North utilize many eco-friendly concessions supplies, including Greenware and Bare products, throughout the ballpark.
  • Local and Sustainable: Through the Greener Fields Together program, the Orioles and Delaware North partner with local produce companies to focus on advanced sustainability from seed to fork.


  • Bike Parking: The Orioles have added a designated Bicycle Parking Area to accommodate over 100 bicycles located just outside Gate C along the south side of Oriole Park. While the area will be supervised during games, owners are advised to lock up their bicycles when not in use.
  • Local Bus Service: 19 Local Bus routes pass near Oriole Park.
  • Light Rail Service: The Light Rail runs every 10 to 30 minutes. Return service on Light Rail for games ending after regular closing time will be extended for one hour with limited service during that period. Fans are advised to make their way promptly to the Light Rail platform after the game.
  • Metro Subway Service: The Metro Subway runs every 8-15 minutes. Return service on Metro Subway for games ending after regular closing time will be extended for one hour after the final out. Fans are advised to make their way promptly to the station platform after the game.

The Orioles encourage fans to participate in the "Go Green" program by recycling bottles and cups in the more than 100 recycling containers located throughout Oriole Park; by walking, biking or taking mass transit to the game; and by using the Passbook paperless ticket option, available on an iOs device, such as an iPhone.

More information on these "Go Green" initiatives, as well as the Orioles' green efforts in Sarasota, Florida, can be found at

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