Publications FAQs

Q: How much is a subscription to Yankees Magazine?
A: A one-year subscription (eight issues) to Yankees Magazine costs $49.99. Subscribers in Canada will be charged a total of $100. All other international subscribers will be charged a total of $120.

Q: Do you ever offer discounts on Yankees Magazine subscriptions?
A: Yes, we regularly feature promotions that make subscriptions to Yankees Magazinean even greater value. Follow us on Twitter @YanksMagazine or call (800) GO-YANKS to make sure that you never miss a deal!

Q: How can I order a subscription to Yankees Magazine?
A: The easiest ways to order a subscription to Yankees Magazine are to click on the "Subscribe to Yankees Magazine" button on the home page or to call (800) GO-YANKS.

Q: Is the cost of shipping and handling included?
A: Shipping and handling charges are included with a subscription to Yankees Magazine, but shipping and handling charges are added to all other Yankees publications purchases. International orders have additional shipping and handling charges.

Q: Can I order multiyear subscriptions to Yankees Magazine?
A: Yes. Call (800) GO-YANKS to purchase a multiyear subscription to Yankees Magazine at a discounted rate.

Q: Is Yankees Magazine the game-day program sold at Yankee Stadium?
A: Yes, but you can save nearly 40 percent off the cover price by purchasing a one-year subscription.

Q: Can I read any Yankees Magazine content online?
A: Yes. Select features from each month's issue can be found at or at But the only way to read each month's issue in full is to buy the print edition.

Q: Can I purchase individual issues of Yankees Magazine? What about back issues of Yankees Magazine or New York Yankees Official Yearbooks?
A: Individual copies of the current issue of Yankees Magazine are available throughout the month at Yankee Stadium, Yankees Clubhouse Stores and select local retailers. Copies can also be purchased by calling (800) GO-YANKS. Back issues of Yankees Magazine and New York Yankees Official Yearbooks can also be purchased via (800) GO-YANKS but are subject to availability.

Q: I'm a new subscriber. When can I expect to receive my first issue of Yankees Magazine?
A: Yankees Magazine is published eight times a year from March to October. New subscriptions will commence with the next issue published after the order is processed and continue for seven more issues after that. To ensure that you will receive the next month's issue, your order needs to be received by the 15th of the previous month.

Q: When will I receive each issue of Yankees Magazine in the mail?
A: Yankees Magazine is mailed to subscribers during the first full home series of each month.

Q: What number do I call if I have a question regarding my purchase?
A: (800) GO-YANKS.