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Spring Training Season Tickets at GMS Field

2021 Spring Training Season Tickets

*** In order to adopt pod seating for the 2021 Spring Training season, we were required to reduce capacity. As such, the number of available physically distanced season ticket pod locations for the 2021 Spring Training season is EXTREMELY LIMITED. ***

Thank you for your interest. This opportunity is now closed.

Limited Seating Capacity, Available Season Ticket Plans and Ticket Limits

In order to accommodate as many season ticket holders as possible during the 2021 Spring Training season, we have created three different season ticket plans from which you may choose, subject to availability.

Option 1

Full Season Plan (14 total games)

Option 2

7-Game Plan No. 1

Option 3

7-Game Plan No. 2

Physically distanced season tickets selected for the 2021 Spring Training season are temporary and will only be available for the 2021 Spring Training season. Regardless of which option you choose for the 2021 Spring Training season, there are no 2022 Spring Training renewal rights to the physically distanced season ticket location selected.

You will be permitted to purchase, subject to availability, a maximum of four (4) season tickets for the 2021 Spring Training season (the "Ticket Limit"). Only a LIMITED number of season tickets (as determined by the New York Yankees in its sole and absolute discretion) will be made available during this opportunity.


Sections STH Ticket Price STH Full Season Plan STH 7-Game Plan
104-118 $37.00 $518.00 $259.00
102-103/119-120 $36.00 $504.00 $252.00
203-219 $33.00 $462.00 $231.00
Loge $87.00 $1,218.00 $609.00

All ticket purchases are subject to availability, as determined by the Yankees in its sole and absolute discretion, at the time of purchase. Orders exceeding the assigned respective ticket limits will be canceled without contact from Ticketmaster or the Yankees.

The Yankees reserve the right, at any time, to modify, and/or revise its season ticket relocation policies and procedures, in its sole and absolute discretion. Other restrictions apply and Ticket License Plans, Seat locations and offers are subject to availability and modification (as determined by the Yankees, from time to time).

The terms and conditions of your ticket and policies applicable to use are updated to address COVID-19, health & safety, and seating pods. By purchasing a New York Yankees ticket, you accept these Terms and Conditions and policies applicable to use.