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High School Video Challenge

2018 Winner: Clayton High School

Lights, Cardinals, Action!

Have you and your classmates ever dreamed of teaming up with the St. Louis Cardinals?

Here's your chance!

Put your imagination and your teamwork skills to the test to help promote the St. Louis Cardinals! Develop an original and creative concept to compete to win the chance to produce a video in collaboration with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The St. Louis Cardinals will select one High School feature to produce in collaboration with students at their school. The Cardinals will spend a day working directly with the winners at their school to produce the feature video that the students dreamed up!

How it Works

Working collaboratively with one another, create a fun video that promotes both the St. Louis Cardinals and your school. Your story must include a role for Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith, and for Fredbird, the best mascot in baseball. No matter what, be sure to let both your school spirit and your passion for the St. Louis Cardinals shine!

Write a short script and put together a rough cut of the video acting out the entire script with someone from the school standing in for Ozzie and Fredbird. Your video should run no longer than three minutes. Post your video online to your favorite public site (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, school website, etc.). You will Provide us with the link during the submission process.

We encourage you to be creative, be original, have fun, keep everything in good taste and always respect copyrights.

Clayton High School
Saving Ozzie

Owensville High School
Owensville 2018 St. Louis Cardinals High School Video Challenge

Rockwood Summit High School
026 Special Forces

Rockwood Summit High School

Rockwood Summit High School

Rockwood Summit High School
Mascot Olympics

Rockwood Summit High School
State Game