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Cards Cash

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't use all of my Cards Cash for the game attended, can I use it at another game?
Cards Cash is only valid for the game that is listed on your ticket. You cannot transfer the value to another game.

How much Cards Cash can I add to my ticket?
Cards Cash can be added as $12 for the price of $10 on single-game tickets. Groups of 25 of more, can also add $6 for the price of $5.

Will I be able to use Cards Cash with vendors selling in the stands?
Cards Cash is accepted at all concession stands, kiosks, and at the Team Store. You will not be able to use Cards Cash with a roving vendor.

If I purchase something that is less than the total stored value, will I receive the difference back in cash?
You will not receive cash back if your purchase is less than the value of Cards Cash on your ticket. That credit will stay on the ticket and be available for another purchase that day only.

If I sell my ticket with Cards Cash on StubHub on transfer them electronically, will the stored value carry over to the new owner?
If you sell tickets on StubHub, the Cards Cash on your ticket will transfer to the new owner. Sellers are responsible for all listings they make on StubHub.