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Fiesta Cardenales

Major League Baseball has officially announced a plan to return to play for the 2020 season. A modified, 60-game schedule will begin in late July.

Due to the cancellation of all originally scheduled 2020 games, Theme Ticket events are cancelled and ticket buyers will be refunded their full purchase price, including all fees. This refund will be automatically credited back to the original credit card used for purchase. Tickets do not need to be returned to receive the refund, unless purchased with cash or Cardinals Gift Card in person at the Busch Stadium Box Office. Visit for more information.

As soon as further information is available, we will provide updates on the Theme Tickets schedule.


¡No te pierdas Fiesta Cardenales en Busch Stadium! Los Cardenales dan la bienvenida a todos los miembros de la comunidad Latina e Hispana para una celebración cultural. Con la compra de un boleto de tema especial, los fanaticos recibirán un Jersey de Los Cardenales. Además, una porción de cada boleto vendido beneficiará a "Hispanic Education Cultural & Scholarship Foundation".

Don't miss Fiesta Cardenales at Busch Stadium! The Cardinals welcome all members of the Latino and Hispanic community for a cultural celebration. With the purchase of a special Theme Ticket, fans will receive a Cardenales jersey. Plus, a portion of each ticket sold will benefit the Hispanic Education Cultural & Scholarship Foundation. Come early for a pregame event featuring Latin music in the Budweiser Terrace!

Esta Jersey Cardenales estará sólo disponible con la compra de un boleto de Tema Especial. El boleto vendrá con un recibo que se podrá intercambiar por el jersey durante el evento especial antes del juego. No podrás recibir el artículo a menos tengas el recibo en el evento contigo. Puedes recoger tu Jersey de Los Cardenales en el Budweiser Terrace, en el nivel Terrace al frente de las sección 431.

The jersey is only available with the purchase of a special Theme Ticket. The game ticket will come with a separate voucher that can be exchanged at the pre-game festival for this jersey. You will not be able to receive the item unless you have your voucher with you at the event. You may pick up your jersey at Budweiser Terrace, on the Terrace level across from section 431.