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VIP Package:
Want a bobblehead AND a photo with Mike Shannon and John Rooney? Fans who purchase the VIP ticket will get the bobblehead and access to an exclusive pre-game meet-and-greet! This event will begin at 10:00am SHARP. Gate 2 will open for VIP ticket holders only. Please be prompt! You MUST present your voucher to receive your photograph and bobblehead. PLEASE NOTE - the Rooney/Shannon meet-and-greet is photos only. No autographs will be available due to time restraints.

Please note: The KMOX bobblehead is available only with the purchase of a special Theme Ticket. All Theme Night purchases for events that include giveaway items will come with a game ticket and a separate voucher. The voucher can be redeemed at the game or pre-game festival for that event's giveaway item. You will not be able to receive the item unless you have your voucher with you at the event. You may pick up your bobblehead at the Budweiser Terrace Theme Tickets kiosk, across from Section 431, from 10:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.