Biking to the Ballpark

Bike or Scooter - Safer and easier than ever

Bikeways now extend all along the San Francisco waterfront and throughout the neighborhood around Oracle Park, and we have a few options for parking your bike once you arrive at Oracle Park.

When you get here on your bike

Bike Valet: Secure Bike Parking

Public Bike Parking

Great routes to Oracle Park

See map above for numbers referenced in this section.

1) The Embarcadero, Coming from Northern San Francisco and the North Bay

2) 2nd Street, To/From Market Street

3) Terry Francois Boulevard from Dogpatch and Eastern Waterfront

4) Townsend Street, Coming from Showplace Square

5) 5th Street, To/From Market Street

6) Howard/Folsom

7) 7th/8th

8) Market Street, Embarcadero to Van Ness

Bike and Scooter Share