The San Francisco Giants represent the 415 area code with pride and passion. The 415 is a dedicated section with a supporters atmosphere, located 415 feet from home plate.

For one flat fee, Season Ticket Members can add The 415 membership to their account, which includes early, exclusive access to The 415 Bullpen Terrace, an exclusive branded gift, specials on food and beverages and invitations to members-only live events/digital experiences.

Season Ticket Members can become members of The 415 at a special discount.

Season Ticket Member Offer


Discounted membership doesn’t include ticket vouchers

Season Ticket Members that enjoyed the inaugural season in The 415 are welcome to join again at this discounted price.

What's Included in The 415 Membership in 2022

Season Ticket Member FAQs

Q: How can a Season Ticket Member become a member of The 415?

A: Season Ticket Members can select from two membership types: a discounted membership that doesn’t include ticket vouchers or the standard membership that includes 10 or 24 ticket vouchers.

Q: Does the Season Ticket Member discounted 415 membership include ticket vouchers?

A: No. Available to Season Ticket Members only, the discounted 415 membership DOES NOT INCLUDE ticket vouchers.

Q: Can Season Ticket Members gift their discounted 415 membership to someone?

A: No, the discounted membership is for the account holder only and is non transferrable.

Q: Can Season Ticket Members purchase a standard AND discounted membership?

A: No, membership to The 415 is limited to one per account.

Q: What benefits does the 2022 discounted Season Ticket Member 415 membership include?

A: The 2022 discounted Season Ticket Member 415 membership includes the following benefits:

  • Access to the 415 Members Only gate on the Portwalk in between Triples Alley and the Marina gate
  • Access to The 415 Bullpen Terrace, where members can witness the visiting pitchers prepare for the game up close and personal
  • Exclusive branded gift
  • Invitations to members-only live events and digital experiences
  • Specials on food and beverages

Q: Do Season Ticket Member guests have access to 415 member benefits?

A: Unless they are holding tickets in The 415 sections (Center Field Bleachers), the discounted 415 membership is limited to one(1) guest per game to enjoy membership benefits. Guests must be accompanied by the 415 Member to take advantage of the membership benefits (Members only entry gate, access to the Bullpen Terrace, food and beverage specials, attending the live events, etc.).

For additional questions, email [email protected]