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Season Suiteholders General Information

Suiteholder Hotline
(415) 972-2100

Suite Office Fax
(415) 972-2100

Lindsay Campbell, Director, Luxury Suites
(415) 972-2048

Tara Ward, Coordinator, Suites and Premium
(415) 972-2046

Luxury Suite Assistant
(415) 972-2224

Luxury Suite Sales Office
(415) 972-2199

Bon Appétit Catering Offices
(415) 972-1515

Bon Appétit Fax
(415) 972-1510

Bon Appétit Email

Oracle Suite Level Concierge Desk (during games only)
(415) 972-2099

Public House
(415) 644-0240

Luxury Suite General Questions

Tickets and Suite Access
Luxury Suite Ticketholders have access to their Suite two hours prior to the first pitch and one hour after the conclusion of the game. We feel this time will allow for excellent pre and post-game entertaining as well as the opportunity to utilize your Luxury Suite to the fullest.

Suiteholders have access to reserved areas of the ballpark such as the Blue Shield Field Club Lounge and Alaska Airlines Club Level. Please keep your Suite ticket with you at all times.

Additional Tickets for your Luxury Suite
In addition to your Guest Passes, as a Season Suiteholder, you have the ability to purchase additional tickets in your Luxury Suite. Extra Suite tickets are only available through the Luxury Suite Office in limited quantities. These extra Suite tickets act just like your original tickets and will give the bearer access to all reserved areas of the ballpark, the Suite Level and your Luxury Suite. To order, call (415) 972-2100 or email

Pricing for extra Suite tickets are as follows:
Premium games such as the Opening and Last Series, Dodgers, Cardinals, Cubs, A's, Blue Jays, Yankees, and Baraves are $145 each.

Only the Suite licensee or designated Suite Administrator may order these extra tickets. Please place all ticket orders at least 48 hours before the homestand. Orders received less than 48 hours before the homestand are subject to a $10 increase in price per ticket.

Guest Passes
At the start of the season, each Suiteholder will be issued an entire season's worth of dated Guest Passes. Each Suite will be issued a maximum of 4 Guest Passes per game. These Guest Passes are not replaceable and extra Guest Passes are not available. Guest Passes are to be used by non-suite level ticketed customers to gain admission to the Suite Level and to the specific Suite indicated on the Pass. Guest Passes are not valid for admission through the main Ballpark gates without a game ticket.

The Guest Passes are designed to be used for friends, family, or clients with seats in other areas of the park to allow them to visit your Suite. Guest Passes are not extra Suite tickets. They are only valid for up to three consecutive innings.

Should a Suite become overcrowded, any person with a Guest Pass will be asked to return to their ticketed seat.

Suite Administrators and Licensees
The Suite Administrator is the individual within your company who is responsible for scheduling and distributing Suite tickets. The Suite Administrators and Licensees are the sole parties allowed to purchase additional tickets for your Luxury Suite. Any person other than those authorized must go through this designated person to purchase additional Suite tickets.

Children 24 months and younger do not need a ticket for entry at Oracle Park. However, they must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult.

Lost or Stolen Tickets
Suite tickets should be treated like cash. If a Suite ticket is misplaced, it can be reprinted, but you must be able to provide the Suite Services Office with the exact row and seat number of the missing ticket. The original ticket will then be disabled and turned away at the gates. In the event your Suite tickets are stolen, please contact the Luxury Suite Office at (415) 972-2100, and be prepared to send a copy of the police report.

Per your contract, Suiteholders may have the opportunity to purchase a Suite for all or a portion of Postseason games played at Oracle Park. Additional tickets in your Suite may be offered. All Postseason tickets sold to Season Suiteholders will be in strip form, including a Tie Breaker ticket. The price of these strips is not included in your annual fee and will be billed separately, according to prices and terms determined by the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Non-Baseball Events
Suiteholders will be notified of any upcoming non-baseball events held at Oracle Park and may have the option to purchase a Suite for the event. Due to some event requirements, Suite availability and location may be limited.

Outside Food and Beverage
Please note that food and beverage purchased outside of the ballpark gates is not permitted on the Suite Level, in the Salesforce Champions Suite, the Audi Legends Club, the Alaska Airlines Loft at McCovey Cove, the Field Box, The Deck or the Candlestick Suite. For information on ordering food for these areas please 
click here. Food purchased inside the ballpark is permitted in all seating areas of Oracle Park.

The Bon Appétit Office will assist you in planning your events in the Bank of America Business Center. The order desk is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for advance ordering. All orders must be placed two weeks in advance. Orders can be placed by contacting Carlos Avila at (415) 972-1515 or

There is no minimum order for gameday events.

A 20% service charge and 8.75% sales tax will be added to all orders.

Advance Orders:

  • We accept orders online, through our website, and via email.
  • All email orders must be received by 2:00 p.m., two days prior to the event.
  • Online orders must be received by 2:00 p.m., one day prior.
  • Orders for Saturday, Sunday and Monday should be emailed or ordered online by Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

Did you miss the advance order deadline?

Don't worry, there is a day-of-game menu that you can order from in your Suite. Please contact your Bon Appétit server when you arrive.

* Please note that outside food and beverage is not permitted in the Luxury Suites.


Each Luxury Suite is equipped with one locking cabinet for storage of personal belongings such as binoculars, scorecards, company literature, blankets, etc. Should you have a 'par' order of alcohol in your Suite, Bon Appétit may also use the cabinet to store leftover beverages. You can email to request that your cabinet be opened for a particular date. For the Suiteholder's protection, we will not open cabinets for anyone without prior approval.

Download the Parking Lot Aerial PDF » 
Download the Transportation Map PDF »

Surrounding Lots
Each Suite ticketing package includes a limited number of Luxury Suite parking passes in Lot A, which are distributed to the Suite owner prior to the start of the season. There is a designated parking area within Lot A for Suiteholders. For more information about season parking, please call (415) 972-2100. Guests who are not provided with a Luxury Suite Parking pass may purchase parking as they enter the parking lots surrounding the ballpark, depending on availability.

The Giants strongly encourage fans to take public transportation to games/events. However, there are over 5,000 parking spaces in Lot A and Pier 48, all operated by Imperial Parking Corporation. Lot A and Pier 48 are located on the East side of 3rd St.

Privately operated lots are also available within a fifteen-minute walk to Oracle Park. These lots are not affiliated with Giants Parking Lots, but they aim to provide service for San Francisco Giants home games.

Click here for more information on "How to get to Oracle Park" »


With one balcony and two In-Suite, flat screen TV's, Suiteholders will have exclusive access to more replays than ever before. This includes expanded coverage that will allow you to catch a select number of satellite broadcast games. 

In-Suite Phone

The In-Suite Phone allows you to reach the following areas:
Cater Button: To place a food or beverage order or request your server
Front Desk Button: To reach the Concierge for any Suite, security or maintenance issues
Outside Local Line: Dial 9 + phone number

Internet and Computer Access

Complimentary Internet access is available in all Luxury Suites. If bringing a laptop to the ballpark, you can connect to our free Wi-Fi network, "XfinityWiFi@OraclePark". No password is required. In addition, each Luxury Suite is equipped with a touch screen desktop computer for your use, with access to our Virtual Concierge System. Virtual Concierge is an interactive touch screen platform on the In-Suite computers that will allow you to request your server, request the concierge staff, request a photographer, learn about special promotions, and much more!


Oracle Park is a non-smoking facility; this includes electronic cigarettes. 


Indoor Heating: Independent heating units are located in each Suite. The thermostat switch is located on the heating unit along the baseboard in each Suite.

Outdoor Heating: For those chilly San Francisco nights, Suites 1-60 are equipped with heat lamps above the back row of seating on the balcony. To activate these heaters please use the switches adjacent to the main Suite entrance.


All Luxury Suites are equipped with a half-sized refrigerator. Ice is available upon request from your catering server.

Recycling and Composting

Each Luxury Suite is equipped with specially-marked containers for recycling and composting. Please help us do our part to preserve the environment by placing all glass bottles, cans and paper in the recycling container and all food products in the compost bin. If you find either container full during the game, please contact the Concierge Desk from your In-Suite phone for prompt removal.

Cell Phone Chargers

Suites 1-60 are equipped with Phone Charging Stations which include cords for various iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

The Suite Level offers an exclusive concierge service found directly off the elevators at the Willie Mays entrance close to Suites #28 and #29. If you need assistance, please stop by the Concierge Desk or call by pressing the "Front Desk" button on your In-Suite phone. As part of the concierge service, you will have a Suite Concierge Staff member assigned to your Suite who can assist you with your event.

Additional Tickets to Future Games

To order tickets to any future Giants home game, please have your Suite Administrator contact the Luxury Suite Office at (415) 972-2100. (Subject to availability)

Ticket Drop-Off

For your convenience, if you need to leave a ticket or Guest Pass for a late arrival, you may do so at the Will Call windows located on King Street. Your guests will need a valid photo ID to claim tickets. Once in your Suite, you may also drop off tickets with the Concierge, who will deliver the tickets to Will Call for you.


Bringing kids 14 years and younger to the game? Nine innings can be pretty long if you're that age. Never fear!

Oracle Park welcomes kids of all ages and we have plenty of ways to keep them entertained. At all games, you and your Suite guests are welcome to check out a kid's activity bag to enjoy in your Suite. Stop by the Suite Concierge desk to check out a bag, or ask your Suite Concierge to have one delivered to your Suite. Kid's activity bags include crayons, coloring sheets, books and toys. The bags can be dropped off at the Suite Concierge desk on your way out or will be picked up during the 7th inning in exchange for an ID.

On weekends, The Suite Level has an exclusive Kid's Corner where kids can play games, read books, color or do puzzles. All Suite kids are welcome and must be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, every Saturday day game is Kids' Day on the Suite Level. If the Saturday game is a night game, the Kids' Event will be on Sunday. Check in at the Concierge Desk for information on that day's special contest, activity or entertainment.

Giants Merchandise

To purchase Giants merchandise and have it displayed in your Suite for your guests' arrival, call (415) 972-2100. Please allow 48 hours' notice. Available items are listed here

Lost and Found

After each game, Suite Concierge Staff will conduct a sweep of all Luxury Suites and collect any items left behind. To inquire about lost items, please first contact the Luxury Suite Office at (415) 972-2100. You may also contact Ballpark Guest Relations at (415) 972-2156. The Giants are not responsible for personal belongings left behind in your Luxury Suite, but we'll do our best to help you recover such items.

First Aid

In addition to the Saint Francis Health Center, there is a Dignity Health First Aid station in the ballpark located behind Section 132 on the Promenade Level. Three defibrillators are located throughout the Suite Level, which are for paramedics use only. For emergencies, contact the Concierge Desk from your In-Suite phone.


Security personnel are provided for your safety and assistance. In the event you encounter any security problems, contact the Concierge Desk from your In-Suite phone.

Luxury Suite Repairs

If you have a problem with the television, computer, lights, etc., or notice any damage, please notify the Concierge Desk.

The Concierge will dispatch the necessary personnel to address any maintenance issues in your Suite. If the issue requires complex or detailed repair, or does not affect your enjoyment of the game, it may be necessary to repair on a non-game day. In the event this does occur, the Suite Office will follow up to ensure the problem is fixed by your next event.

Accessible Needs

Each Suite on the Suite Level is equipped with two removable balcony seats for extra room outside. If you anticipate accessibility needs for a specific game, please email prior so we can accommodate your request before you arrive.

We've created a very handy Game Day Guest Information Sheet that you can download and print and then provide to your Suite Guests.

Download the Guest Information Sheet PDF »