Yankees Baseball Summer Camps


In addition to our list of Camp Highlights, we also offer several different add-ons to help your camper further enjoy their New York Yankees Baseball Summer Camps experience!

Hitting Lesson (3rd grade and up) – Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced ballplayer, our coaches will tailor the hitting lesson curriculum to improve your ballplayer’s swing and help him or her find increased success at the plate. While we will focus on hitting drills during regular camp hours, we will highlight specific areas in need of improvement during our 45-minute lesson that can be carried over into every drill, competition and live game throughout the rest of camp and into your ballplayer’s game. These lessons are offered Monday through Thursday and have limited availability.

Pitching Lesson (3rd grade and up) – Command the mound after a lesson with one of our expert pitching coaches! Ballplayers can use the drills and exercises they learn during their 45-minute session to improve their game when taking the mound for their little league and travel ball teams. Our small lesson groups foster an individualized approach to the lesson. Our coaches hone in on each ballplayer’s mechanics and customize the teaching style accordingly. These lessons are offered Monday through Thursday and have limited availability.

Extended Hours

  • AM Extension – Our staff will be ready to go every day at 7:30 AM! If you would like to drop your ballplayer(s) off early, our staff will be waiting on the diamond. We offer both daily and weekly options.
  • PM Extension – If you need a little more time to pick up your ballplayer after camp concludes at 3:00 PM, members of our camp staff will be on-site until 6:00 PM each night. Each ballplayer will be given a snack before we start our PM curriculum which includes plastic ball baseball, running bases, and several fun-focused sideline activities. We offer both daily and weekly options.

Please note, extended hours are a convenience option and not a continuation of camp curriculum.